Light heifers top at 810c, average 528c

Light heifers top at 810c, average 528c


There were 10,363 cattle and 8552 sheep from Qld offered online last week.


Queensland cattle numbers increased by 795 head last week to total 10,363 head offered online. The state dominated listings, offering 34 per cent of the total catalogue. Southern Qld was the largest purchasing region, securing 2862 head.

Light heifers under 200kg sold from 458c, to a top of 810c, averaging 528c, back 12c. A line of Santa Gertrudis weaner heifers from Bell aged 8-10 months weighing 185kg returned 562c and are headed to Toowoomba.

Heifers 200-280kg sold from 352c to 605c, averaging 473c/kg. A line of Angus/Composite weaner heifers from Jimbour, aged 8-12 months old and weighing 212kg returned 591c and will journey to Bathurst, NSW.

Heifers 280-330kg sold between 355c and 550c, to average 452c, an 8c increase. A line of composite/Angus backgrounder heifers from Jimbour, aged 10-14 months weighing 283kg returned 510c and will journey to Walcha, NSW.

Steers 200-280kg sold from 403c to 704c - falling 19c from the previous week, to average 531c. Also, from Jimbour, QLD a line of Angus/Composite backgrounder steers weighing 207kg returned 662c and will journey to Bathurst, NSW.

Steers 280-330kg were down 17c, averaging 479c and selling from 383c to 570c. A line of Angus backgrounder steers aged 12-16 months weighing 301kg from Tara returned 542c and will journey to Jondaryan.


Sheep numbers for Queensland totalled 8552 head, a decrease of 737.

Merino ewe lambs sold from $141 to $231/head, averaging $179/head, up $11. From Longreach, a line of May/June Karbullah blood ewe lambs, weighing 25kg, with a 55mm skin, returned the top price and are heading across the border to Armidale, NSW.

Merino wether lambs sold from $103 to $175/head, averaging $134/head, easing $2. A line of May/Jun '20 drop Karbullah blood wether lambs, weighing 28kg with a 52mm skin, from Longreach returned $126/head and are headed south to Armidale, NSW.

Store lamb prices recorded a 2c increase, to average 419c/kg, selling from 305c to 793c. A line of Apr/Jun '20 drop, 40kg Dorper and Australian White/Dorper store wether lambs from Mungallala sold for $155/head or 393c.


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