Packer etches herself into history again

Sarah Packer shows the men how it's done at Dangarfield bull sale

TopX livestock agent Sarah Packer with TopX Australia owner Cyril Close at the Dangarfield Santa Gertrudis bull sale on Wednesday.

TopX livestock agent Sarah Packer with TopX Australia owner Cyril Close at the Dangarfield Santa Gertrudis bull sale on Wednesday.


The history books have had a rewrite in a variety of ways this stud selling season.


The usual rainbow of shirts filled the selling platform at the Dangarfield Santa Gertrudis bull sale on Wednesday.

But in a spot of difference, this year a woman stepped up to the microphone.

Joking that she could barely see over the rostrum, Sarah Packer needn't have worried with her stud stock auctioneering ability clear to all who watched on.

Nerve-wracking on its own, the achievement came with the added pressure from the talk that swirled earlier in the week that Ms Packer could be the first woman in Australia to sell stud stock.

That would make this the second time she's broken the glass ceiling, having also been the first woman to compete in the Queensland Young Auctioneers Competition.

Ms Packer said when Dangarfield stud principal Ben Adams rang her a week ago and asked if she would like to have a go, it was an opportunity she couldn't say no to.

"I was pretty nervous getting up there but confident that I was definitely going to enjoy myself," she said.

"Nerves are a good thing and I knew that was coming. I had enough advice from a few different people, so hopefully it came across alright.

"About half way through I felt much more comfortable and got a bit of a roll on; thought I was a bit tongue tied in the first couple of lots but once I got rolling, I rather enjoyed it."

Although it's believed it may be a Queensland record rather than an Australian one, the 27-year-old go-getter shrugged off the talk and said her mind was firmly on the job.

"It's cool I guess but it is only a rumour so I'll just keep doing the job and grab every opportunity as it comes."

Coming up under TopX Australia owner Cyril Close, one probably couldn't ask for a better foundation.

And after the performance Ms Packer put on, short as it was, it would seem Mr Close might need to watch his back soon.

He doesn't appear worried though, saying one of his goals in the TopX business is to become redundant.

As for the man responsible for the opportunity, Mr Adams said they're always keen to give young people a go.

"It's got nothing to do with the fact that she's a woman, just that she's a damn good agent," Mr Adams said.

"I don't go to the Roma Saleyards and I haven't done much business with her, but it's clear that she knows her cattle and she's confident in what she's doing."

And after selling a run of 13 bulls to a top of $18,000 and average of $9846, above the overall sale average of $9197, Mr Adams said they'd definitely be seeing Ms Packer up on the selling platform again.

But if it doesn't happen again, Ms Packer said she's just thankful for the opportunity this time.

"If I totally bombed it and never get asked to do it again, at least this time will get me on Nanna Packer's 'wall of fame'", she said.

"It's not all that easy to do when you're the oldest of 30 grandchildren."


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