Santa Gertrudis unweaned heifers make 573c/$930

Santa Gertrudis unweaned heifers make 573c/$930


There were 7117 cattle and 5929 sheep from Queensland offered online last week.


Queensland cattle numbers increased by 1217 head last week for a total offering of 7117 head. The southern Queensland regions secured the most head, purchasing 2250 head, 60 per cent of which consisted of yearling and grown steers and heifers.

PTIC heifers ranged from $1320 to $2685 to average $1777. A line of Santa Gertrudis/Droughtmaster PTIC heifers from Windorah aged 12-24 months and weighing 361kg will make the journey to SA.

Heifers under 200kg ranged from 362c/kg to 573c to average 483c. The top price was for a line of Santa Gertrudis unweaned heifers from Blackall, making $930 or 573c, weighing 162.2kg. They are four to six months in age and were vendor bred by Alice Downs Grazing Co.

Steers under 200kg sold from 487c to 557c to average 522c. The top line was achieved by Alice Downs Grazing Co who also achieved top price for heifers under 200kg. These unweaned Santa Gertrudis steers are from Blackall, and are four to six months, making $940 or 557c, weighing 168.8kg. The steers are headed with their sisters to Dubbo, NSW.

Steers 200-280kg sold from 386c to 535c to average 484c. The tops were for a line of Santa Gertrudis and Angus cross steers from Moonya Pastoral, Roma. These steers made $1150 or 535c, weighing 214.8kg. They are also heading to Dubbo, NSW.


Sheep numbers for Queensland increased by 3150 head to see 5929 head offered online last week. Western Queensland purchased 2980 head, with 63pc consisting of Merino wethers and wether lambs.

Merino wether lambs sold between $76 and $147, with the category averaging $119. A line of Sept/Oct '19 drop poll Merino wether lambs from Aramac weighing 35kg returned $105 and will journey to Longreach.

Merino wethers eased $15, averaging $116 with lines selling from $90 to $134. Two lines of poll Merino wethers from Longreach both sold for $132. The woolgrower wethers weigh 52kg and both lines will remain in Longreach.


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