Driving animal handling efficiency

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Efficiency in stock management and animal husbandry tasks were the driving forces behind the design of the Te Pari Racewell HD sheep handlers.

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Like water, time is a precious resource for any sheep enterprise.

So maximising efficiency in animal husbandry and stock management is of the utmost importance.

That's where the Te Pari Racewell HD sheep handler comes in.

Coming in three-way (HD3), four-way (HD4) and six-way (HD6) auto drafting models, the Racewell helps sheep producers easily allocate stock by weight, allowing for targeted feeding, or sort ewes based on pregnancy.

The system takes the strain out of sheep handling, allowing the producer to safely and efficiently complete husbandry tasks.

The HD3 is an entry level auto drafting handler which will weigh and sort three ways.

It is a strong all round unit for the small to medium sheep producer.

The HD4 is similar to the HD3, but boasts an extra auto drafting gate.

It also features an auto sensing backing hook on the lead up race for greater animal flow.

The top of the line HD6 model can weigh and draft automatically up to six ways.

It can be ideal for large producers who are finishing lambs as well as any producer that is using EID for advanced flock recording.

Andrew Shannon runs an animal husbandry contracting business while also helping his dad with their merino enterprise.

Based at Bowning in southern NSW, Mr Shannon had previously used a Te Pari HD3 handler and has since upgraded to the HD6 for increased efficiency.

"I do animal husbandry tasks and whole farm management for some people," Mr Shannon said.

"To cater for a client who is feedlotting, I needed a bigger handler as they have larger numbers.

"I was toying with going to the HD4, but it was not that much more expensive to go to the HD6.

"So I went with the HD6 as it gives me more options going forward.

"I think in time, more and more people will probably be looking for the greater drafting options.

"I was very happy with the Te Pari HD3 handler I had, so when it came to upgrading, I didn't even look at other brands.

"It was very reliable which was a real positive because as a contractor, you can't afford any down time.

"You can't turn up for a job then say 'sorry, the machine is down'.

"So it was an easy choice to stay with Te Pari."

Designed with producer profitability and management efficiency in mind, the Racewell handler is ideal for husbandry tasks such as crutching, dagging, drenching, vaccination and tagging.

It is especially good for crutching with the side tilt option, allowing sheep to be turned 90 degrees for ease of access all via a foot pedal system.

With the Racewell handler's ability to automatically read EID tags, weigh and sort sheep, the operator has the option to leave the drafting area to organise stock.

They can maintain control of the handler with a remote control, making using the Racewell truly a one person operation.

This process also increases accuracy with less chance of operator error.

Accurate weighing and stock being allocated into the correct groups can increase feed efficiency and provide producers stronger results at sale.

Mr Shannon said he was more than happy sticking with Te Pari for his handler.

"I was really happy with the after sales support I received when I got the HD3," he said.

"Te Pari is a really good business to work with, giving really good service and support.

"Being in New Zealand, I like that with the time difference, I can get a hold of tech support earlier in the morning and don't have to wait until 8am here."

This article is sponsored content for Te Pari