Charbray cows PTIC sell for $2520 at Toogoolawah

Charbray cows PTIC sell for $2520 at Toogoolawah


Quality breeders stole the show at Toogoolawah sale on Thursday.


Quality breeders stole the show at Toogoolawah sale on July 23.

Years of meticulous selection paid great dividends for the Bauers of Greendale, Tambo.

Charbray cows four to seven years PTIC sold for $2520 and have found a new home on one of Graham Bauer's first properties, Milford Rocks, Crow's Nest. The two decks of grey Brahman unjoined heifers, late number 9 sold for $1560, $1520, $1500 and $1480.

Bob and Liz Nicholls sold a great line of Droughtmaster cows and calves to complete the sale of their coastal cattle breeding herd. The cows and calves were presented in most cases as a three-in-one unit (PTIC again). These sold for $2700, $2500, $2600 to average $2229.

Graham and Mary Bambling sold milk tooth Charbray steers for $1790 and purebred Braham steers for $1660.

Bob and Dana Wainwright sold Charolais cross steers two years for $1590.

WGA Pty Ltd,Willowbank, had Droughtmaster steers for $1590.

Two Tons Pty Ltd, Harlin, had Droughtmaster steers 18 months for $1390.

Ivan Wild sold Charbray cross steers 15 months for $1320.

KDS had Droughtmaster steers 13 months for $1270.

Simon and Karen Devcick sold Droughtmaster and Charolais cross steers 12 months for $1100.

Paul and Ros O'Brien, Gayndah, sold Charolais cross weaner steers for $1180 and $1060.

Bob Wainwright's Charolais cross steer calves sold for $1100.

Skinneal Pastoral had Charolais cross steer calves for $990.

Peter Wise sold Charolais cross late calves for $830.

Glen Marshall sold Brahman cross steers 20 months for $1280.

Kevin and Anne Utz sold Charolais and Simmental cross steers 15 months for $1210.

Linda Friend sold Bradford steers 18 months for $1300.

Lionel Richards had Droughtmaster steers 12 months for $1090.

Light and young weaners steers sold in the $750 to $850 range.

Rigby Station sold Charolais cross steers for $910.

Breeder and feeder heifers were in great demand

WGA had Droughtmaster heifers unjoined 20 months for $1530 and $1330.

Ashley Schefe sold Droughtmaster cross heifers 16 months for $1190.

John and Sherrie Westaway had Charolais cross heifers for $1260 and $1070.

Ivan Wild's Charbray cross heifers 14 months sold for $1120.

Glen Marshall sold two decks of Droughtmaster, Hereford cross heifers 18 months for $1300, $1210, and $1170.

Graham and Matt Bauer and family sold 16 months Charbray heifers for $1500.

Paul and Ros O'Brien had Charolais cross heifers calves for $1030 and $960.

Bob Wainwright's Charolais cross heifers calves sold for $1040.

Warren Richards, Kilcoy, sold Droughtmaster heifers 20 months for $1190 and $1120.

Greg Nugent, Dayboro, sold Droughtmaster heifers 12-14 months for $1150.

Harold Veivers, Woodford, sold quality Limousin, Hereford cross heifers 14 months for $1110 and $1030.

Plain and light weaner heifers sold in the $650 to $750 range.

PTIC Droughtmaster cows from Harlin in light condition sold for $1600 and $1400, along with Droughtmaster cows and calves for $1800.


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