Charolais cross weaner steers return 385c/$850 at Moreton

Charolais cross weaner steers return 385c/$850 at Moreton


Feeder steers sold to a competitive panel of buyers at Moreton on Tuesday.


The vealer and restocker market remained firm at Moreton again this week.

B and A McLoughlin of Derrymore sold lines of Charolais cross weaners with the best pen of steers making 385.2c weighing 221kg and came back at $850. The heifers topped at 361.2c weighing 190kg returning $686. R and B Toft, Brookfield, sold a pen of Droughmaster weaner steers for 359.2c weighing 288kg to return $1034.

The top of the vealer heifers made 357.2c weighing 268kg and returned $958 for vendors S and L Stewart, Fernvale. Charolais cross vealer steers account CJ Kruger sold for 373.2c weighing 213kg to return $793.

Angus cross yearling steers account Mark Field, Gleneagle, sold for 357.2c weighing 308kg to come back at $1098. The Lindenberg Family Trust, Mt Byron, sold Brahman cross weaner steers for 348.2c which weighed 286kg to return $996.

A quality line-up of both light and heavy feeder steers came to hand and sold to a competitive panel of buyers. The best of the light feeder steers sold to a top of 374.2c for vendor Paul Benstead, Christmas Creek, weighing 378kg to return $1415. Queensland Natural Beef, Toogoolawah, also sold a pen of Brangus cross steers that weighed 397kg for 359.2c to return $1426.

The heavier end of the feeders topped out at 378.2c for a pen of Charolais cross steers account Carseldine and Co, Linville, weighing 393kg to come back at $1487. Currumbin vendors Jen and Grae Agistment sold lines feeder steers with the best pen also making 378.2c they weighed 384kg to return a healthy $1452. V and J Slingsby, Beechmont, sold Limousin cross feeder steers for 374.2c weighing 413kg to return $1544.

A large number of grain assisted cattle met strong competition. The best of the heifers made 375.2c weighing 385kg to return $1444 for vendor Jeremy Russell, Toogoolawah. B and G Bidgood, Blackbutt, also sold Charolais cross heifers for 375.2c weighing 375kg coming back at $1407.

S and S Anderson sold Charolais cross heifers for 375.2c weighing 355kg and returning $1332. The heavier end of the grain assisted cattle also sold well, with Broomfield Grazing Co, Darlington, selling milk and two tooth Santa cross steers that made 374.2c which weighed 507kg to return $1899. L and J Muller, Kalbar, sold 4-tooth Angus cross steers for 364.2c weighing 655kg coming back at $2385.

Heavy heifers sold well, with a 6-tooth heifer account Michael Conroy, Bryden, making 315.2c weighing 605kg to return $1906. Metcalf Farms, Gatton, also sold a 6-tooth heifer that made 319.2c and weighed 600kg to return $1915.

There was an increase in price for the medium and lighter grade cows with a pen of Brahman cross cows account Yabba Pastoral Company, Kilcoy, topping at 277.2c which weighed 504kg returning $1397. The best of the heavy cows topped at 297.2c for two vendors, From Enterprises who sold Droughtmaster cows which weighed 615kg and returned $1827 and also Queensland Natural Beef had Brangus cows for 297.2c/kg that weighed 612kg and returned $1820.

Only a small number of bulls were yarded this week. O'Briens Transport, Darlington, sold milk tooth bulls for 343.2c which weighed 505kg and returned $1733. The best heavy bull was from Diamond Valley Brangus which made 317.2c weighed 885kg and coming back at $2807.


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