Cows and calves hit $2800

Cows and calves hit $2800


There were 9015 cattle and 14, 542 sheep from Qld offered online last week.


Queensland continued to offer the largest number of cattle last week with 9015 head on the box, holding firm on the previous week's numbers.

Cows with calves at foot saw a further price correction last week, back $213 to average $1982 and prices ranging between $1210 and $2800. From Blackall, a line of Santa Gertrudis cows weighing 495kg with calves at foot returned $2600 and will journey to Walgett, NSW.

PTIC cows were back $51 to average $1884 with prices ranging from $1130 to $2930.

Steers 280-330kg held firm this week, selling from 341c to 480c to average 427c.

From Blackall, a line of five to 10-month-old Angus cross steers weighing 288kg returned 443c and are heading to Alpha.

Light heifers sold from 431c to 573c to average 464c, easing 20c. Goldelk Pty Ltd, Booyal, attained the top price with a line of first cross Speckle Park heifers that are six months old, weighing 154kg and are sired by Wattle Grove Speckle Park bulls.

Steers 330-400kg sold from 226c to 456c to average 422c. From Blackall, a line of Angus feeder steers weighing 355kg returned 424c and are heading to Dalby.


Queensland sheep numbers totalled 14, 542 head last week, up 7975 head on the previous week. Merino wethers made up over 60 per cent of the offering and sold from $120 to $170 to average $145, down $7. A line of 500 woolgrower wethers from Muckadilla achieved the top price. These Roselea blood wethers are 65kg, two to four years of age, have a 2.5" skin and will travel to Longreach.

Merino wether lambs dropped $8, averaging $149, selling from $121 to $172. A line Oct/Nov '19 drop woolgrower wether lambs from Cunnamulla weighing 44kg sold for $163 and will be heading to Narrabri, NSW.

Store wether lambs sold 7c dearer, averaging 466c and selling between 325c and 591c. A line Feb/April '20 drop Dorper wether lambs from Augathella weighing 31kg returned $150 or 483c and will journey to Narrabri, NSW.


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