Steer calves sell to restockers for 520c, average 478c at Warwick

Steer calves sell to restockers for 520c, average 478c at Warwick


Young cattle were in demand at Warwick on Tuesday.


Numbers increased by 129 head to 701 at Warwick on Tuesday.

Most of the usual export buyers were present and operating, plus the regular line-up of feed and trade buyers and restockers.

Young cattle continued to experience very strong support from feeder operators restockers and the trade. A lift in the standard of the yearling heifers resulted in average prices improving by 10c to 14c/kg.

Prices for cows lifted by 4c to 10c with some excellent heavy weights penned.

Steer calves sold to restockers at an average of 478c with sales to 520.2c. Vealer heifers to local butchers made to 411c to average 407c.

Light weight yearling steers returning to the paddock made to 476.2c to average 435c. Yearling steers to feed for the domestic market averaged from 402c to 404c with sales to 428c. A small selection of heavy weight yearling steers sold to the local trade market at 420.2c to average 413c.

Light weight yearling heifers to restockers averaged 386c, with some very light weights making to 438c. Yearling heifers under 330kg to feed averaged 393c and made to 408c.

Medium weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 371c and made to 398c/kg. The occasional heavy weight to the trade made to 411c.

Medium weight 2 score cows to processors averaged 249c, while those returning to the paddock made to 268c to average 263c.

Good heavy cows averaged 301c with the occasional pen reaching 309.2c. Heavy bulls made to 326.2c.


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