Cows and calves averaged $1600/unit at CQLX

Cows topped at 323c/kg at CQLX

Lindsay Lobwein, Nutrien Ag - Rockhampton, picture with 26 Brahman steers averaging 510kg to make 365c/kg or $1849/head.

Lindsay Lobwein, Nutrien Ag - Rockhampton, picture with 26 Brahman steers averaging 510kg to make 365c/kg or $1849/head.


Strong demand for live export cattle at CQLX Prime Cattle Sale.


CATTLE prices have gone from strength to strength at Central Queensland Livestock Exchange prime cattle sale on Wednesday, despite a big week of selling in the region.

Morgan Harris, TopX Gracemere, said there was excellent competition across the 2191 head yarding despite large numbers of stock being available through the entire course of the week, including at the CQLX Special Weaner and Feeder Sale on Monday, which yarded 5337 head in total.

"It was a mixed quality yarding off the back of the Special Sale earlier in the week, but this does not really affect price," Mr Harris said.

"Most classes were dearer, although it was a phenomenal sale for cattle fit for export.

"The strong demand for export cattle is a reflection of how few cattle there are around to fill the boats at the moment."

In this category steers jumped 30c/kg to sell in the region of 360 to 370c/kg, while bulls increased 40c/kg and were making around the 370c/kg mark.

Cow prices remained strong after doubts around whether JBS would be operating in the market due to its Dinmore plant closure this week, with the top run of cows hitting 323.2c/kg, while the average cow sold for 264.3c/kg.

"It was great to have the full panel of processors including JBS here this week, resulting in cows increasing eight to 12 cents per kilo," Mr Harris said.

This week many buyers took the opportunity to buy cattle on Monday, and store them at the facility until Wednesday, topping up their order even further before trucking.

"This had a strong influence over heifer weaner prices in particular with operators looking to add more weaners to their order before transporting them," Mr Harris said.

Heifers topped at 366.2c/kg, in the under 200kg segment, while the average made 342.2c/kg.

The Spooner family, Springsure donated the proceeds of a Brangus heifer which made $1,848/head to the Rainbow House Charity.

Weaner steers were the only category to experience a cheaper trend with the top steer sold for 438c/kg, while the average made 379.1c/kg in the weaner category- a 20 to 30c/kg fall from prices at Monday's sale.

"Central Queensland saw more than 12,000 weaner steers sold across both Gracemere and Emerald sales this week, so we are not surprised by these prices pulling back," Mr Harris said.

Feeder steers were able to retain high prices due to reduced numbers, with cattle on Monday selling around the 365c/kg mark, which increased to 370c/kg by Wednesday's sale.

"Cows and calves made very good money for what they were, averaging solidly at $1600 per pair, while the top pen was sold for $1875 per unit," Mr Harris said.

The top bull sold for 380c/kg in the under 450kg category, while the Clarke Family, Alton Downs, achieved 370c/kg or $2196/head for a good run of bulls weighing an average of 557kg.

"Overall, it was a good day, with a full panel of local buyers," Mr Harris said.

"I don't think this solid market is going anywhere but we have to take it week, by week at the moment."


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