Murgon sale pays off for Burdekin producer

Murgon sale pays off for Burdekin producer


There was a yarding of 1246 cattle at Murgon on Tuesday.

Chris Crouch and Midge Thompson, Aussie Land and Livestock, with
a pen of cattle at SBLX on Tuesday.

Chris Crouch and Midge Thompson, Aussie Land and Livestock, with a pen of cattle at SBLX on Tuesday.

MORE than 1000km were travelled by Burdekin producer Ricky Mio's livestock to be sold at the South Burnett Livestock Exchange (SBLX) Prime Cattle Sale at Murgon on Tuesday - and the big trip paid big dividends.

Mr Mio's offering of 96 head, including four pens of Brahman heifers, a pen of Charbray heifers and a pen of Brahman cross heifers averaged 362.1c/kg at 314.1kg, to return $1137.38/head, as part of a total 1246 head yarding across the sale.

Mr Mio, from Mio College, near Clare, just south of Townsville, said he was drawn to selling at SBLX after a positive experience as a buyer at the saleyards.

"We have bought from the Murgon saleyards before and the cattle have performed quite well, so we thought it may be a good time to sell there," Mr Mio said.

Aussie Land and Livestock principal agent James Bredhauer said the exchange of northern cattle at SBLX was great for both vendors and local buyers.

"Today's sale was a great result for the vendor Ricky, given his lot achieved a higher return than the live export market average," Mr Bredhauer said.

"It is also a great opportunity for local buyers to source cattle from the north, as it can cut time off a breeder's production cycle. Brahman cattle are particularly well suited to the coastal environment here in the South Burnett region for breeding programs.

"It is very common for local vendors to sell off F1 weaners, and purchase replacement Brahman heifers for joining. We are always on the lookout for breeding stock, including cows and calves from the north in addition to purchasing steers and bulls through SBLX to send north."

And while the SBLX provided a good market for Mr Mio to sell his cattle, there was also a people element that weighed into the decision.

"It's people like Andrew Wieland, the SBLX manager, who are always upfront and helpful which has always made any involvement with the saleyard a fantastic experience," Mr Mio said.

"We are very happy with the sales at SBLX and I hope the buyers are more than happy with our cattle."

Listing agents Chris Crouch and Midge Thompson, Aussie Land and Livestock, facilitated the sale.

Glenrock Cattle Company also walked away from the sale with strong results after selling the top pen of steers for 422c/kg, while the average type made 373.2c/kg.

Heifers made up the lion's share of the yarding with a pen from Simpson Farms topping at 334.7c/kg, while the average heifer made 334c/kg.

Cows on offer averaged 485.1kg and topped at 280.2c/kg for a lot from PJ and PR Ruthenberg, while the average cow made 239.7c/kg.

There were a few cow and calf pairs which all sold for $1500/head, while bulls topped at 310c/kg.


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