Grain accredited heifers hit 379.2c at Moreton

Grain accredited heifers hit 379.2c at Moreton


Calves and vealers met hot competition at Moreton on Tuesday.


Boyd O'Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 587 head of cattle at Moreton on Tuesday. A large number of cows came to hand creating strong competition from both regular and new buyers.

Grain assisted and grain accredited heifers sold to a dearer market as did feeders and quality lines of backgrounders. Calves and vealers met hot competition. Pasture fed 2 and 4-tooth steers sold to dearer rates.

Braford weaner steers account Allan Sellin, Daybora, sold for 375.2c weighing 182kg to return $686. Bruce and Janice Hohl, Cainbable, sold Charolais cross yearling heifers for $355.2c weighing 310kg to return $1101. Charolais cross yearling steers account Judith Turner, Carrora, sold for 371.2c weighing 252kg to return $937.

Quality Braford vealer heifers account Ray and Vera Turgeon, Peak Crossing, sold for 346.2c weighing 222kg to return $770. Hayden Beattie, Glamorgan Vale, sold Speckle Park yearling steers for 515c weighing 210kg to return $1081.

Angus cross heavy feeder steers account Agri Prosperity, Gleneagle, sold for 372.2c weighing 466kg to return $1735. Droughtmaster 2 and 4-tooth pasture fed steers account RBI, Dugandan sold for 331.2c weighing 607kg to return $2012.

Anntre Enterprises, Moore, also sold 2 and 4-tooth pasture Angus steers for 331.2c weighing 570kg to return $1887. 150 days grain accredited Limousin heifers account Gerry Mucket, Karrabin, sold 379.2c weighing 570kg to return $2164.

Grain assist Charolais cross steers account ALB Pastoral, Gregors Creek, sold for 352.2c weighing 360kg to return $1267. Medium weight Brahman cross cows account R and C Hall, Kajabbi, sold for 277c weighing 451kg to return $1250.

Mike Conroy, Bryden, sold Charolais cross cows for 291.2c weighing 515kg to return $1499. A Santa Gertrudis bull account Gary Naumann, Tent Hill, sold for 298.2c weighing 730kg to return $2176.


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