Weaner heifers sell to 633c, av 535c

Weaner heifers sell to 633c, av 535c


There were 6860 cattle and 9656 sheep from Qld offered on AuctionsPlus last week.


Queensland cattle listings increased last week with 6860 on the box, 2369 head more than the previous week.

PTIC cows sold from$1130 to $2260 to average $1941 which was back $18 on the previous week. A line of three to 11-year-old registered Raff blood Angus cows averaging 624kg from Austpec Pastoral, Roma, which are PTIC to Wagyu bulls achieved the top price and are headed to Emerald.

Steers under 200kg sold from 461c to 633c, averaging 535c, an increase of 51c. From Victoria Hill, a line of Ben Nevis and Kilburnie blood Angus steers, aged eight to 10 months, weighing 196kg, sold for 539c.

Feeder steers 330-400 kg averaged 14c dearer at 394c with a range between 352c and 457c. From Cecil Plains, a line of F1 Wagyu cross steers sold for 441c. These steers are 16 to 29 months and weigh 395kg.

Heifers under 200kg sold from 393c to 544c, averaging 468c, down 11c. The top price went to Dunmore Pastoral, Cecil Plains, with heifers aged five to seven months weighing 153kg.

Heifers 280 to 330kg sold from 295c to 455c, averaging 381c, down 11c. The top price went to Boningar Pastoral Co, Glenmorgan, who offered a line of 14 to 16-month-old EU Santa Gertrudis heifers weighing 321kg.


Sheep listings increased across the mainland last week with Queensland offering 9656 head online, an increase of 1343 from the previous week.

Young Merino breeders (two to four years) sold from $144 to $282, averaging $223, down $60. From Roma, CS and CJ Mitchell offered three to four-year-old NSM ewes which sold for $248. Weighing 52kg, the Haddon Rig blood ewes have 2-2.5" skins and are headed to Inverell, NSW.

Merino ewe lambs sold from $150 to $301, up $7 to average $222. From Aramac, a line of June/Nov '19 drop lambs weighing 30kg sold for $216 and are headed to Longreach.

Merino wether lambs saw a strong clearance and sold $2 easier with prices between $134 and $182 to average $156. From Quilpie, a line of 800 woolgrower wether lambs averaging 36kg sold for $162 and are headed to Narrabri, NSW.

Store lamb numbers eased last week however prices remained steady, up 1c and ranging between 387c to 543c. Highlights included a line of Aug/Sept '19 drop Coolalee/Poll Merino mixed sex store lambs weighing 48kg from Goodniwindi, which sold for $206 or 431c.


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