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A fly-through video showing of a visualisation of what the Inland Rail between the Border and Gowrie could look like has been released.


INLAND Rail builder ARTC has released a fly-through video showing a visualisation of what the Border to Gowrie (B2G) reference design could look like.

According to ARTC the computer generated fly-though shows the proposed rail alignment, public road rail crossings, bridge structures, cuttings and embankments.

However, buildings directly impacted by the reference design are not shown in the video.

The opening credits also includes a disclaimer reading: "Design does not indicate the construction of final rail corridor boundary."

A fly-through video showing of visualisation of what the Inland Rail's Border to Gowrie reference design could look like has been released.

ARTC's controversial proposed 16km route across the Condamine River floodplain receives special attention.

Culverts designed to maintain waterflow on the floodplain are shown. However, they are are not illustrated on other sections of the modeled alignment.

The video says on the Condamine floodplain there will be six bridges spanning a total of 6.1km and 500 culverts with diameters between 900mm and 2.1m.

"Please note the reference design may change as a result of further investigations, government approvals, or during the detailed design phase," notes accompanying the video read.

"We acknowledge that properties are impacted by the project reference design and will continue to work with landowners as the project design progresses."

Video of the Kurumbul to Whetstone starts at 0:08 seconds, Whetstone to Millmerran Inglewood Road 03:47 minutes, Millmerran Inglewood Road to Condamine floodplain 06:18 minutes, Condamine Floodplain to Brookstead 12:26 minutes, Brookstead to Southbrook 14:59 minutes, and Southbrook to Gowrie 17:28 minutes.

Meanwhile, AgForce is running Inland Rail information meetings in Millmerran from 4pm to 5.30pm on March 3 and Brookstead from 3pm to 4.30pm on March 4.

AgForce chief executive officer Michael Guerin and AgForce transport policy officer Elisa Westmore will be engaged in interactive discussions on both days.

The Millmerran Rail Group, which represents concerned landholders, is also heading to Canberra on Tuesday, with expectations the Morrison government will rule out the controversial Condamine floodplain route during a meeting in Canberra on Tuesday.

MRG chairman Wes Judd said the meeting was called following admissions by ARTC's Inland Rail chief executive officer Richard Wankmuller of flaws in the flood modelling.


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