Tambo light steers make 468c

Tambo light steers make 468c


There were 3164 cattle and 1640 sheep from Queensland offered on AuctionsPlus last week.


Cattle numbers from Queensland totalled 3164 head offered online on AuctionsPlus last week, up 1600 on the previous week.

Southern Queensland, north-west slopes and plains and the Northern Tablelands, areas that have had significant rainfall in recent weeks, have continued to dominate as the highest purchasing regions.

Light steers weighing under 200kg nationally sold from 411c/kg to 604c, averaging 483c, up 15c. A line of 83 weaned Charbray/Brahman cross steers, five to 12 months, weighing 176kg from Tambo made 468c.

Steers 200-280kg category sold for 337c to 539c, averaging 65c higher than last week to 480c. Droughtmaster steers, 13-16 months, 256kg from Kalbar sold for 514c.

Steers 280 to 330kg sold from 350c to 496c to average 432c, up 53c. Feeder steers 330 and 400kg sold from 317c to 459c, averaging 408c, up 30c.

This stock category once again saw significant bidding activity from feedlots. A southern Qld feedlot paid 441c for a line of 99 Angus and Angus/Simmental steers originating from Spring Ridge, NSW. The six to eight-month-old steers were sired by Kansas and Glenavon bulls and weighed 361kg.

Steers weighing over 400kg averaged 386c as they priced between 320c and 419c. The top price went to 74 Angus steers, 17-22 months, 415kg offered by Morgan Super Fund from Condamine.

Heifers 200-280kg sold from 295c to 446c, averaging 390c, up 11c. Heifers 280-330kg were priced between 309c and 420, to average 377c, up 39c.

A line of 120 Santa and Angus/Santa cross heifers from St George, 8-11 months, 309kg sold for 385c. Feeder heifers 330-400kg were priced between 315c and 385c and averaged 361c, up 11c.

The top price went to vendors TDP AG from Willow Tree, NSW for 38 Angus heifers, 16-22 months old, that weighed 349kg.

From Warialda, NSW, a line of predominately Santa cross and Angus cross feeder heifers, 14-17 months, 368kg were bought for 383c.


Sheep and lamb number numbers from Queensland fell to see 1640 head offered. Nationally Merino ewe lambs remain in short supply, with only 1500 head listed last week however there was strong demand across the small offering was evident selling from $135.50 to $224.

Selling from $176 to $276, Merino ewe hoggets saw a price increase of $26 to average $228. Merino wether lambs increased by $25 to average $142 and sold from $85 to $183.50, also achieving a 100 per cent clearance across 6425 head offered.

A line of Aug/Sept '19 drop wether lambs weighing 27kg from Longreach sell for $140.50 to a NSW buyer at Narrabri.


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