Vealer steers hit 387.2c at Moreton

Vealer steers hit 387.2c at Moreton


Restocker cattle were in strong demand at Moreton on Tuesday.


With large falls of rain across the south east area the market was dearer for all descriptions at Moreton on Tuesday.

Restocker cattle were in strong demand as were feeder cattle. Export cattle were also dearer across the board.

Droughtmaster cross prime vealer steers account DJ Varley, Dundas, sold for 355.2c weighing 223kg to return $793. Maleny Black Angus sold Angus store vealer steers for 387.2c weighing 165kg to return $642.

Brangus cross prime vealer heifers account B and L Lord, Mt Stanley, sold for 334.2c weighing 273kg to return $914. Angus store vealer heifers account Maleny Black Angus sold for 347.2c weighing 200kg to return $694.

Speckle Park grain assist yearling steers account W Mort, Mt Mort, sold for 356.2c weighing 372kg to return $1325. Angus yearling heifers account Maleny Black Angus sold for 331.2c weighing 267kg to return $887.

Six-tooth Santa cross heifers account W Mort sold for 329.2c weighing 515kg to return $1695. Charolais cross feeder steers account Golden Pastoral, Mt Cotton, sold for 358.2c weighing 430kg to return $1540.

Manumbar Station, Manumbar, sold Charbray mature feeder heifers for 319.2c weighing 370kg to return $1181. Simmental cross grain assist steers account D Zurvas, Mt Alford, sold for 361.2c weighing 525kg to return $1896.

Charolais cross grain assist heifers account P and S Ballin, Nanango, sold for 357.2c weighing 425kg to return $1518. J Drynan, Esk, sold Euro cross cows for 293.2c weighing 665kg to return $1949.

Euro cross light cows account Strawberry Fields, Willowbank, sold for 293.2c weighing 530kg to return $1553. Charolais cross bulls account P Day, Goovigen, sold for 300.2c weighing 660kg to return $1981.


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