Feeder stock hit top of 424c

Feeder stock hit top of 424c


There were 1628 cattle and 5471 sheep from Qld offered on AuctionsPlus last week.


Cattle numbers from Queensland last week totalled 1628 head offered online on AuctionsPlus, down 300 on the previous week.

Buyer interest remained strong for feeder stock seeing 407kg steers from Felton sell to a top of 424c/kg.

Last week's sales saw a total clearance of 88 per cent across all cattle sales, with buyers in the NW slopes and plains, southern Qld and Northern Tablelands being the most successful. Cow and calf numbers were up slightly with most listings coming from NSW and Qld. Prices ranged from $1250 to $2100 and averaging $1675 up $304.

Out of Cunnamulla, a line of Santa and Santa cross cows and calves sold for $1575. These cows are aged from 4 to 11 years and weigh 447kg and have been running with Hereford bulls. The Santa calves at foot are one to four months and weigh 102kg.

Nationally PTIC heifers sold from $1215 to $1760, averaging $1427 down $220. From Theodore, Angus cross and Santa cross heifers, aged 16 to 18 months, weighing 321kg PTIC to Angus and Santa bulls sold for $1215.

Across the platform light steers weighing under 200kg sold from 390c to 584c, averaging 468c, up 30c, while steers weighing from 280 to 330kg sold from 284c to 409c, averaging 379c, up 23c.

Heavier steers over 280kg from Queensland sold from 372c to 424c with an average of 390c. The top priced line was a lot of 407kg Wagyu/Angus steers, while 417kg Charolais/Red Brangus steers from Surat sold for 378c.

Across the platform light heifers weighing under 200kg sold from 338c to 469c, averaging 420c and heifers weighing 280 to 330kg sold from 287c to 381c, averaging 338c, up 23c. Angus heifers, 15 to 16 months, 314kg from Allora sold for 371c, and Charolais cross and Santa cross heifers, 13 to 16 months, 329kg from Maclagan sold for 364c.


Sheep and lamb number numbers from Queensland rose by 3000 head last week to total 5471. Merino ewe hoggets sold from $110-$261 to see an average of $202 and young Merino breeders ranged from $160-$291 and took another slight jump up to $223 on average.

Proven Merino breeders sold between $133-$261 to average $178, an increase of $22. From St George, two to three-year-old unjoined Merino ewes sold for $183, while five-year-old unjoined Merino ewes from Dirranband, QLD sold for $163.

The store lamb offering decreased slightly, with 14,398 head listed nationally, down 2467 head. The smaller listing and increased demand resulted in a 96pc clearance.

Highlights include: Jul/Aug '18 drop, 37kg Dorper and Dorper/White Dorper mixed sex lambs from Cunnamulla sold for $143 or 395c/kg live. Oct/Nov '19 drop, 31kg Dorper wether lambs from Augathella sold for $135 or 437c/kg live.


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