Cow and calf units hit $2050

Cow and calf units hit $2050


There were 1641 cattle and 1592 sheep from Queensland offered on AuctionsPlus last week.


Cattle numbers from Queensland totalled 1641 head offered online on AuctionsPlus last week, up 550 on the previous week.

Cow and calf numbers halved nationally, however the smaller offering saw another jump in prices, with the average price for cows and calf units increasing by $280 to total $1643 and selling from $1100 to $2050 and seeing an 82 per cent clearance.

Five to six-year-old Angus cross cows and calves from Chinchilla sold for $1570. Light steers under 200kg sold from 343c to 447c, averaging 388c nationally, 6c down. From Rolleston, 220 Santa Gertrudis cross steers, offered by Consuelo Cattle Company and weighing 186kg returned 387c.

Steers 200-280kg increased again to average 366c, a rise of 37c, with prices from 279c to 409c. From Springsure, Black Simmental/composite cross steers returned 316c.

Light heifers under 200kg sold from 297c to 542c, averaging 390c, up 34c. At Condamine, a line of Angus cross heifers weighing 145kg sold for 358c to a NSW buyer.

Heifers 200-280kg ranged from 231c to 359c, averaging 308c, up 12c.

Heifers 280-330kg averaged 300c, up 32c, and sold from 252c to 312c. From St George, a line of Angus cross heifers weighing 280kg sold for 291c to a NSW buyer.


Sheep and lamb number numbers from Queensland totalled 1592 head offered last week, down 4100 on the previous week. Buyer confidence remained high with patches of rainfall across the country resulting in an 87pc clearance across all the national sales.

The reduced offering saw increased prices across all Merino categories, with Merino ewe lambs up $22.

Nationally Merino ewe hoggets sold from $151 to $262, averaging $226, up $27. From Aramac, 21 to 23-month-old 44kg station mated Poll Merino ewe hoggets sold for $80. Young Merino breeders (two to four years) averaged $172, selling from $140 to $215, while proven Merino breeders (four to seven years) sold from $74 to $216, averaging $147.

A line of Terrick Poll blood station mated ewes from Aramac, rising six years old and weighing 47kg returned $78. The high demand for store lambs continues with a 93pc clearance achieved across the 16,010 head offered, and selling from 336c to 568c, to average 411c.

Mar/Apr-19, 40kg Dorper mixed sex lambs from Moven sold for $146 or 362c/kg live


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