Agents' efforts defy difficult season

Agents' efforts defy difficult season

There were 19 keen and willing participants at the ALPA Auctioneer School in Gracemere in early June.

There were 19 keen and willing participants at the ALPA Auctioneer School in Gracemere in early June.


ALPA agents have helped their clients through a tumultuous 12 months.


Like so many wonderful Queenslanders we at the Australian Livestock Property Agents Association have worked diligently to navigate our way through one of the most tumultuous 12-month periods in history.

If it wasn't the tragic and sudden floods that gripped the north west or the relentless and unforgiving drought, then it was the all too serious threats to our biosecurity emanating from African Swine Fever and farm invasions which have caused unmitigated worry and concern to those good people in the agricultural sector.

But when the chips are down we keep our sense of humour and we support one another through thick and thin and this is what the ALPA mantra is all about - a collegiate grouping of livestock and property agents who put their clients first and work tenaciously to help them gain success.

ALPA in Queensland is a manifestation of the best of the best in livestock and property and what a rich tradition we have. What a marvellous Northern Regional Advisory Committee we have: Paul Holm of Elders, Cyril Close of TopX, Colby Ede of Nutrien Ag Solutions, Paul Pratt of Pratt Agencies, Andrew Wardle of GDL and Stephanie Whitaker of Burnett Livestock & Realty.

Each of these wonderfully talented people give their time to put back into the industry and are always there to assist in matters beyond the realms of day-to-day agency such as advocacy, education, mentoring, legislative advice and lobbying as well as peer support.

Weather aside, we had a number of highlights.

At the Sydney Royal Easter Show, Queensland took the honours when Anthony O'Dwyer, of GDL Dalby, was named winner of the prestigious time honoured ALPA National Young Auctioneers Title. He also joined with Jack Henshaw, Elders Goondiwindi, in winning NAB Agribusiness Team Shield.

The ALPA Auctioneer School in Gracemere in early June saw 19 keen and willing participants who were taken through a program involving live selling, speech, diction, voice projection, product knowledge, ethics and compliance.

We thank Paul Pratt and Cyril Close, Trent McKinlay, Mark Scholes, Brain Wedemyer and Harvey Weyman-Jones for imparting their knowledge and giving friendly constructive advice to our young auctioneers.

The ALPA Auctioneer Schools are such an important educational tool and in the cut and thrust of this fiercely competitive industry they seek to mould and round off the participants and without fail the agents leave as better professionals.

In 2019 ALPA received a record number of entries in the ALPA Agency Award which has evolved to award excellence in all facets of agency marketing and innovation including livestock, rural property, wool, merchandise, agronomy and insurance.

The award recognises intellect, acumen and foresight and it acknowledges those who can think outside the square and show initiatives beyond the mainstream such as auctioneering and transactional based performances. This year three finalists came from Queensland: Nicholas Malone, Bo Scoble and Kylie Svensson.

Merry Christmas and here's to a positive change in the season for all for 2020.


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