Despite challenges, we have a lot to celebrate

Despite challenges, we have a lot to celebrate


As AgForce celebrates 20 years, it is an opportune time to acknowledge the many positives in our industry.


Sometimes it must seem to the average Aussie that it's all doom and gloom in agriculture, and that life on the land is more like a life sentence.

True, it has been an extremely challenging 12 months.

Many regions have entered their eighth year of drought, a significant portion of the state was devastated by record flooding, and almost a year after the state's worst bushfires, we are on fire again.

And then there are the endless layers of stifling government regulation.

But without belittling the genuine hardship being suffered by many, I think there is plenty to look forward to.

As AgForce celebrates a significant milestone - 20 years of courageous and uncompromising advocacy - it is an opportune time to acknowledge the many positives, both in our past and our future.

Regular readers of the Queensland Country Life will be aware of the determination, resilience, innovation, independence, enthusiasm and confidence out here on the land.

There are producers in the midst of drought who are improving their properties so when it does rain, they will be on the front foot to power ahead.

Some are experimenting with different crops or livestock, some are investing in value-adding businesses to support their farming enterprise, some are becoming involved in various 'natural capital' opportunities such as carbon sequestration.

But none are sitting on their hands bemoaning their fate.

And that amazing resilience is driven by passion.

Primary producers enjoy what they do, they love their land and their animals, they are proud of their unique and critical role in society.

On Thursday November 28 - the night before AgForce's 20th AGM - members past and present will gather in Brisbane to mark our milestone, as they will at smaller local events being organised across the state.

These events won't just commemorate AgForce and its achievements. They will celebrate the agriculture industry's vibrant $30 billion a year future and its vast economic, employment and social impacts

Agriculture will bring the bush back to life.

And if that's not worth raising a glass to, then I don't know what is.


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