Feeder steers 332c at Roma

Feeder steers 332c at Roma store sale


There were 8052 cattle offered at Roma store sale on Tuesday.


A total of 8052 head of cattle were consigned at Roma's store sale on Tuesday.

Weaner steers under 220kg topped at 290c and averaged 249c, weaner steers 220-280kg reached 316c and averaged 273c. Steers 280-350kg reached 329c and averaged 297c, and steers 350-400kg reached 322c and averaged 300c. Feeder steers 400-550kg topped at 332c and averaged 296c. Cows and calves hit $1160/unit.

New Leaf Ag P/L, Lakeland Dns, Condamine sold Angus cross steers to 333c, reaching $2132 to average $1239. Gwenbrook Farms, Gwenbrook, Roma sold Santa cross steers to 329c, topping at $1132 to average $1132. PS, JG, DP Hague, Yallara Station, Charleville sold Santa steers to 326c, reaching $1656 to average $1446.

JS Grazing, Double J, Injune sold Angus steers to 322c, reaching $1873 to average $1073. Livistona Grazing, Palm Vista, Taroom sold Droughtmaster cross steers to 322c, topping at $1127 to average $906. M and MT Bright, Karoola Park, Roma sold Angus cross steers to 321c, reaching $1143 to average $989.

Strathfield Past Pty Ltd, Strathfield, McKinlay sold Santa cross steers to 314c, reaching $1740 to average $1289. The Droughtmaster cross heifers sold to 268c, topping at $1044 to average $719. MB and CM Coomber, Hillcrest, Roma sold Angus steers to 314c, reaching $1064 to average $1064.

NJ and GA Gordon, Gedley, Proston sold Cross breed steers to 309c, reaching $927 to average $769. SC and TC Bond, Borromore, Roma sold Simmental cross steers to 308c, topping at $1149 to average $1034.

Ian Brumpton Holdings Pty Ltd, Oaklands, Roma sold Angus steers to 304c, reaching $961 to average $804. The Angus cross heifers sold to 268c, topping at $829 to average $730. NA and S Gordon, Gedley, Boondooma sold Santa steers to 304c, reaching $925 to average $828.

Heifers under 220kg topped at 236c and averaged 187c, while heifers 220-280kg topped at 268c and averaged 230c. Heifers 280-350kg topped at 292c, averaging 254c. Heifers 350-450kg topped at 299c, averaging 273c.

Reynella Grazing Co, Reynella, Charleville sold Simmental heifers to 294c, reaching $1228 to average $1061. Jessikah Brand, Glen Olive, Injune sold Angus cross heifers to 270c, topping at $892 to average $892.

J and D Brand, Glenolve, Roma sold Santa heifers to 270c, reaching $853 to average $847. F and M Taylor, Lying Downs, Injune sold Charolais cross heifers to 248c, topping at $765 to average $711.

Cows 300-400kg reached 260c and averaged 193c, while cows 400kg-500kg reached 282c and averaged 236c. Cows over 500kg topped at 285c, averaging 261c.

Gladys Downs Pastoral Co Pty Ltd, Gladys Downs, Augathella sold Santa cross cows to 285c, reaching $1758 to average $1560. W W K Prow, Monamby, Cooladdi sold Brahman cows to 284c, topping at $1638 to average $1367.

Wellesley Pastoral Co, Wellesley, Surat sold Euro cross cows to 280c, reaching $1502 to average $1177. TN and SD Pukallus, Warrabinda, Roma sold Cross breed cows to 271c, topping at $1370 to average $1269. JW Blackburn, Mt Bindango, Roma sold Brahman cross cows and calves to $1160, averaging $1160.


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