Weaner steers realise 296c

Weaner steers realise 296c


Listings were dominated by weaner and yearling aged steers on AuctionsPlus last week.


Cattle numbers increased by 364 to total 1066 head listed last week. Listings were dominated by weaner and yearling aged steers, which equated to just shy of 800 head of the offering.

A strong clearance of 96 per cent was achieved across the Queensland offering.

From Texas, a single line of cows and calves offered returned $620. This line comprised 28 Santa Gertrudis mixed aged cows, weighing 360kg with 11 calves at foot, one to two months old which are sired by Santa and Hereford bulls.

Heifers weighing 200-280kg sold from 199c to 235c to average 224c, down 23c. From Winton, a line of 120 Droughtmaster heifers weighing 241kg returned the top price.

Heifers under 200kg were in short supply, with a single line of 81 Angus cross heifers weighing 188kg from Killarney selling for 232c.

Steers weighing 200-280kg returned an average price of 281c, up 8c and sold from 257c to 296c. Returning the top price was a line of 160 Droughtmaster cross steers weighing 239kg from Winton.

Steers weighing 280-330kg sold to 277c for two different lines, both offered from Winton; these consisted of 136 Speckle Park/Droughtmaster steers weighing 288kg and 96 Droughtmaster steers at 309kg.

From Surat, a heavier line of Shorthorn cross steers weighing 341kg sold for 260c.

Queensland buyers also secured a further 216 head from northern NSW, consisting of feeder heifers and cows and calves.


Sheep numbers surged again, totalling 5553 head listed, up 1162 head, with more than 70pc of the offering from southern Queensland.

From Muttaburra, a single line of NSM Merino ewes, six years old, weighing 62kg with a 1 1/2" skin returned $152, and were secured by a buyer from SA.

Merino wethers sold from $88 to $98, averaging $95. From Inglewood, the top price was returned by an offering of 980 Egelabra blood wethers, 35-36 months with a 1/2" skin which weigh 37kg.

A further 500 head were secured from western NSW by Qld buyers, which consisted of SIL Dorper and White Dorper ewes.


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