Your voice vital for red meat MoU

Your voice vital for red meat MoU


A strong national voice is vital for the future prosperity of grass-fed beef producers.


AgForce's position couldn't be clearer - a strong national voice is vital for the future prosperity of grass-fed beef producers.

That's why we have been working for months to ensure the Red Meat Advisory Council's (RMAC) recent MoU review - 'A Better Red Meat Future: a White Paper for the Red Meat Advisory Council' - represents the interests of those who put beef on the table.

But while we have had some significant wins, there is still much that needs to be done. As it stands, 'Red Meat Australia' would become the new, single voice for the Australian red meat and livestock industry, and the single conduit for levies collected from businesses.

They would also coordinate all industry public policy, social licence and marketing. The bodies who represent cattle, goats and sheep would lose their autonomy and with it their ability to manage how their respective producers' levies are spent.

If this sounds like a potentially perilous situation, it's because it is. The proposed 'Red Meat Australia' in the White Paper is unclear on the role of grass-fed beef producers, and on their representation in the new structure.

What is clear, is that grass-fed beef producers must retain influence over how their levies are spent; on research, development and adoption, and marketing - equal representation for the dollars they pay.

Because in the end, for decades to come, it's producers who will depend on the authority that takes shape.

That's why it's critical for industry that we get this right.

And it's why AgForce is encouraging a period of robust consultation and conversation on the current White Paper.

You can read the White Paper yourself at, and share your views online or by contacting your AgForce Cattle Board representative. And keep an eye out for more opportunities for discussion coming soon.

It's our industry - let's make sure 'Red Meat Australia' represents us.


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