Markwell sells steers at CQLX

Simon and Sue Gedda clear a line of 412 cross steers

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Brad Mulvihill, TopX, with the line of steers presented by Simon and Sue Gedda, Markwell.

Brad Mulvihill, TopX, with the line of steers presented by Simon and Sue Gedda, Markwell.


Simon and Sue Gedda's line of Brahman-cross steers averaged 273c/kg.


TIMING can be everything.

For Simon and Sue Gedda, Markwell, Lotus Creek, the sale at Central Queensland Livestock Exchange, Gracemere, on September 20 was the right time to part with 412 Brahman-cross steers.

Their line, which was part of a yarding of 3137 cattle including 1738 steers, averaged 273c/kg, weighing 382kg for a return of $1041/head.

"Basically we just needed to get some animals off the country and it was time to sell," the Geddas' son Tim said.

"This is the entire bunch of our steers. There are none left at home but replacements are coming up and we've got about 1000 or so breeders back on Markwell."

So why did the Geddas submit so many head to a single sale?

"It's a bit different with the way our set-up is," Tim Gedda said. "Where the paddocks are it's hard to bring a couple of mobs in every now and then.

"We find it is easier and better just to get rid of them all at once even though it's a bit risky in terms of worth. It is impossible to assess how the market will react. A sale at Roma not so long ago wasn't so good and those results are a bit worrying.

"We don't ever commit to the one sale. We do come here obviously but we sell elsewhere. It's just a matter of finding the best arrangement."

Mr Gedda said Markwell, a property of 20,000 hectares, had been luckier than most with rainfall in 2019.

"We have had a really good season to be honest. We have just seen amazing grass growth and while it is starting to dry off it is probably one of the better years we've ever had for grass," Mr Gedda said.

Brad Mulvilhill, TopX, said the Gedda line were high grade cattle.

Besides the steers, the CQLX yarding also comprised 1144 heifers, 227 cows, 10 bulls and 18 cow and calf units.

Most of the cattle came from local areas and south to Theodore, west to Emerald and Comet and north to Nebo and Collinsville.

"The highlight of the sale included several large lines of quality feeder steers, which were met by strong demand. Plainer cattle across all categories was reflected throughout the market," a sales spokesman said.

Wotonga Grazing, Middlemount, sold a run of Droughtmaster-cross steers weighing 432kg and averaging 279c/kg, to return an average of $1205/hd across the run.

McCartney family, Marlborough, sold prime grey Brahman cows for 209c/kg, weighing 600kg to return $1255/hd and Creed Grazing Co, Raglan, parted with Brahman cows to 209c/kg, weighing 540kg to return $1129/hd. Creed Grazing Co, Raglan, sold Brahman cows to 209c/kg, weighing 540kg to return $1129/hd.


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