Droughtmaster steers 20-24 months sell for $1740-$1880 at Laidley

Droughtmaster steers 20-24 months sell for $1740-$1880 at Laidley


There was solid support from processors, feedlots and western and Downs buyers at Laidley sale on Thursday.


There were 988 head yarded at Stariha Auctions Laidley cattle sale on Thursday. Despite the continuing dry conditions, the market held up extremely well on the back of solid support from processors, feedlots and western and Downs buyers.

Eddie Carson and Adrian Lynch, Wellington Point, sold Droughtmaster steers, 20-24 months, for $1740-$1880 and feeders steers for $1360. Ken Maguire, Ingoldsby, sold a line of Brangus steers, 18-20 months, for $1300. Pomerenke Family, Blenheim, sold Charbray steers, 18-20 months, for $1250.

Josh and Rissa Sippel, Caboolture, sold lines of Droughtmaster and Santa steers for $1280 and $1300. Nathan Colley, Witta, sold lines of Charbray and Droughtmaster steers for $1230 and $1280. Brian Parker, Mulgowie, sold a Droughtmaster bull for $2020.

Ron Gehrke, Summerholme, sold a Brangus bull for $2000. David Overington, Haigslea, sold Droughtmaster steers for $1150 and a line of heifers for $840. Lance Graham, Laidley, sold a Charbray bull for $1960. Clarence Smith, Flagstone Creek, sold lines of Brangus cows for $1300 and $1395.

Terry O'Donohue, Grandchester, sold Droughtmaster cows for $1250. Bernie and Ruth Jackwitz, Grandchester, sold Charolais cows for $1200. Gauld Grazing, Derrymore, sold Charbray cows for $1100 and milk tooth heifers for $1010. Wanpela Samting, Mt Whitestone, sold a Charolais bull for $2150 and Brahman cows for $1020.

Des Poole, Veradilla, sold Limousin cows for $1230. Peter Buhle, Frazer View, sold lines of Charbray weaner steers for $820, heifers for $780 and steer calves for $700. Ian Grant, Laidley Creek West, sold medium Charolais cows for $1030. Ian Jackwitz, Glen Cairn, sold Droughtmaster cows for $1095.

Col and Marg Duncan, Flagstone Creek, sold lines of Charolais store cows for $815-$990. Shirley Schultz, Forest Hill, sold Hereford cows for $1295. Tom Dunning, Dundas, sold Blonde milk tooth heifers for $1150-$1230.

Brain Fitzgerald, Gatton, sold a 10-month-old Charolais steer for $1245. Laurie Langlands, Marburg, sold Murray Grey steers for $890. Molkentien family, Lowood, sold Limousin weaner steers for $880. Jackson and Crowley, Fordsdale, sold Santa weaner steers for $780.


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