First mob of cattle in South Burnett since 1990s

Drovers take first mob of cattle through South Burnett since 1990s

A mob of cattle is moved along the road outside of Proston.

A mob of cattle is moved along the road outside of Proston.


For the first time since 1991, a mob of cattle is moving through the South Burnett as dry conditions continue to bite.


A team of drovers is taking the first mob of cattle through the South Burnett in 28 years.

Livestock contractors Royce Bridges and Karen Mason began droving the 1330 head mob of cattle near Amby six months ago, moving first through the Maranoa and Western Downs before feed shortages necessitated a move.

"All the routes had been used and there wasn't much feed left so we blooded them and came into the South Burnett," Ms Mason said.

And the team have been turning heads as they go as the first mob to be droved through the region since 1991, particularly in their recent foray right through the middle of Proston.

"To get to a little town like Proston... they have given us so much hospitality," Ms Mason said.

"They've been bringing out shepherd's pies and beers and sitting around the campfire.

"There's so much Aussie spirit left in the country. It's still there and it comes out in times like these."

The cattle in the mob come from four different owners, mainly originating from the Morven and Mitchell area.

Over the next few months the mob will travel through regions around Mount Perry, Cracow and Theodore before heading to Taroom, a trajectory they expect will take them into November.

By then the drovers hope there may have been a much needed break in the season.

"I'm not really sure what they'll do if it hasn't rained by then," Mr Bridges said.

The trip has been a learning curve for the droving team of four, differing from the usual pace of livestock work.

"It's a 24/7 job from daylight to dark and even at night you're paying attention," Ms Mason said.


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