Organic beef gets tourism cameo

Adria Downs organic beef operation gets tourism cameo

Janet and Anthony Brook, Cordillo Downs. Photo: Fiona Lake.

Janet and Anthony Brook, Cordillo Downs. Photo: Fiona Lake.


A video produced by Tourism and Events Queensland is serving up the story of organic beef to international audiences.


The Brook family's central Australia cattle properties are synonymous with organic beef and now an international tourism video is sharing their story with the world.

The story behind OBE Organic, founded by David and Nell Brook in 1996, has been recognised in a new Tourism and Events Queensland video, part of a new Taste the State tourism campaign.

In the video MasterChef star Matt Sinclair visits 870,000 hectare Adria Downs west of Birdsville, one of the properties at the heart of OBE Organic's operations.

Fourth generation beef producer Anthony Brook said Adria Downs runs between 9000 and 14,000 head of Hereford cattle.

"There's no hard and fast numbers, it depends on the season," he said.

"Part of the place are still quite dry but other parts look great from the flood water that went through this year."

Mr Brook said he believed the story behind the beef would resonate with audiences.

"The organic market worldwide is still growing," he said.

Mr Brook said it had been an easy decision for his family to go down the certified organic route, with the region untouched by chemicals and pesticides.

"It fits the way things have been done out here for a long time," he said.

"We didn't change much."

Cattle on Adria Downs. Photo: Fiona Lake.

Cattle on Adria Downs. Photo: Fiona Lake.

OBE Organic managing director Dalene Wray said with consumers increasingly wanting to know where their food comes from, the uniquely Australian story behind OBE Organic beef is resonating around the world.

"Our cattle are raised in a naturally pure environment, they feed on an incredibly diverse range of native pastures, and they are managed in a certified organic production system," she said.

"All of that adds up to beef that has been raised by artisan farmers with minimal human intervention to capture the essence of our ancient land, just like the best winemakers work with terroir to impart unique characteristics to their wine."

Flying trip to put product on world stage

When Tourism and Events Queensland came knocking to show off the organic beef operation on Adria Downs, Anthony Brook jumped in a plane from his home base of Cordillo Downs, South Australia.

With the Brook family operating five major properties as well as one small farm near Goondiwindi, a pilot's licence is somewhat of an asset.

"We use a plane like a car these days," Mr Brook said.

The filming took place in May, with the final video now released, showcasing the organic Hereford cattle OBE Organics prides itself on.

"We only buy Poll Hereford bulls," Mr Brook said.

Hereford cattle on Adria Downs. Photo: Fiona Lake.

Hereford cattle on Adria Downs. Photo: Fiona Lake.

"They're much safer to work with and these days, with animal welfare being so important, it's a big factor.

"It'll stand us in good stead in the future."

While Mr Brook acknowledged the decisions that had been made in the past were important to the company's success, the ones that will be made in the future also loom large in his mind.

"We're always looking to see what we can do better in our business," he said.


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