When we stand united, we can move mountains

When we stand united, we can move mountains


Pressure from AgForce has resulted in two significant concessions by the state government.


Anyone who doubts that there is strength in numbers only need look to two recent developments in Queensland for a reality check.

Firstly, a determined campaign led by AgForce and its members forced the government to backflip, almost overnight, on the introduction of its disastrous, error-laden trigger mapping.

Secondly, Agriculture Minister Mark Furner promised to consult closely with AgForce and industry on implementation of the government's new drought management framework.

Make no mistake: both pledges were achieved because of pressure AgForce brought to bear, both in public and behind the scenes.

These events - coming as 5500 AgForce members are being asked to renew their membership - offer two prudent lessons.

Firstly, how important it is to be a member of your peak body. Alone, you are one small voice.

Secondly, that unity is as important as numerical strength.

Producers are a famously independent and outspoken bunch, but speaking with a united voice in public, no matter how vigorously we debate in private, is critical.

In the lead-up to the state election in 2020, AgForce will run a powerful and determined campaign to reach a government that is showing agriculture a tin ear.

Some of you may think it's hopeless.

But I'd point to the impact that the activities of AgForce and other farming, regional development, and social organisations had on the 'surprise' federal election result.

A similar campaign in Queensland will encourage both sides of politics to heed the voice of rural and regional Queensland if they want to hang on to their seats.

And we urge those people outside the south-east corner - indeed those who live there too - to add their voices to those who already support AgForce as members.


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