Inglebrae Farms Angus $15k

Inglebrae Farms Angus defies the season's odds with record sale and 100pc clearance

Inglebrae Farms Nobleman N6, with Ben Sharpe, Blake O'Reilly, Darren Batistuzzi and Brian Kennedy.

Inglebrae Farms Nobleman N6, with Ben Sharpe, Blake O'Reilly, Darren Batistuzzi and Brian Kennedy.


Tenterfield Angus stud Inglebrae Farms recorded a remarkable sale during this toughest of all bull seasons.


A best-yet sale day for Inglebrae Farms Angus, Tenterfield, defied the odds during a tough bull selling season, recording a high of $15,000 with a 100 per cent clearance and an average of $6211 for 26 bulls sold.

Manager Darren Battistuzzi said owners Joe and Pat Richardson were happy with the continued support of local producers with 50 per cent of bulls remaining local and the rest selling into the Richmond Valley, MacIntyre and Queensland.

The sale of lot 3, Inglebrae Farms Nobleman N6, by Matauri Reality 839, sold to to Angus studs Booragul at Gunnedah and Knowla at Gloucester, through Elders agent Brian Kennedy.

The highly favoured Inglebrae Farms bull presented with top one per cent of the breed for calving ease, calving ease daughters and gestation length. With a birth weight of 34 kilograms, he weighed 900kg on sale day with 42cm circumference scrotal and presented as scanned with an eye muscle area of 130 square centimeters and intra-muscular fat at 7.3 per cent.

Mr Kennedy said the Vincent and Laurie families, sharing the bull, knew the reputation of Matauri Reality as a very good breeder and they were looking for sons with thickness and softness.

Volume buyers were Callistemon Cattle Company, buying through Landmark Emerald, taking home four bulls including lot 4, the rising two year old Inglebrae Farms William N18 by NZ William of Stern for $12,000, 41 kilograms at birth and 904kg on sale day with 42cm scrotal, an eye muscle area of 127 square centimetres and intramuscular fat at 7pc.

The same buyers bought lot 14, Inglebrae Farms Barnaby N45 by Booroomooka Barnaby for $7000. This two year old bull presented with the highest scanned intra-muscular fat of the draft at 7.6pc, an EMA of 124sqcm and an especially even fat cover of 15mm rump/ 13mm rib.

Bill, Bronwyn and Tim Petrie, Tenterfield, in partnership with former NSW agriculture minister Ian Causley, Lower Clarence, bought lot 25, Inglebrae Farms Hallmark N77 by Millah Murrah Hallmark L58 for $9000. With the second lowest birth weight in the draft, of 34.6kg he presented on sale day at 840kg with 43cm scrotal. His EMA was123sqcm, IMF 6.8pc, rump 18mm and rib 13mm.

The Petrie partnership also bought lot 26, by another Hallmark, for $7000. Both bulls presented with straight back showed low birthweight of +1.4 and +2.0. Mrs Petrie said she was looking for bulls with softness but also excellent calving ease as cattle run on multiple breeding blocks.

Lot 6, Inglebrae Farms Hallmark N19, by Millah Murrah Hallmark sold for $8000 going to Miles, Qld through Elders. This bull, 40kg at birth and 940kg on sale day, recorded 7pc IMF.

Another Hallmark son, Lot 10, Inglebrae Farms Hallmark N83, sold to Scott and Libby Sharpe, Applebutt Partnership, Tenterfield, for $6500. This bull displayed all positive figures except for gestation length, with 7.3pc IMF and 43cm scrotal.

Brian smith, Tenterfield, bought Lot 11, another Hallmark, for $6500 while yet another Hallmark son went to Mingoola breeder John Claydon for $6000 and will put him over Black Simmental/ Brahman.

First time client Allan Sweeney, Upper Rocky River, shrugged off the poorest season in what is the worst of all eastern districts and came to the sale with an inch of rain in his gauge for the week prior and decided to buy lot 13, Inglebrae Farms Barnaby N63, by Booroomooka Barnaby H722 for $5000.

The bull presented with 7.4pc IMF, 127EMA, 868kg on sale day with 42cm scrotal.

Ray White Tenterfield, under Ben Sharpe, hosted the sale with auctioneer Blake O'Reilly, Ray White Guyra.

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