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John Deere release new air drill with all the smarts

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OPEN FOR BUSINESS: The N500C Air Drills feature the new John Deere no-till ProSeries openers.

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: The N500C Air Drills feature the new John Deere no-till ProSeries openers.


John Deere have released a new air drill series with precision agriculture features


John Deere has launched its new air drill, designed for cereal, canola and other small grains, and claims it is one of the most accurate and smart seeding tools available in the industry.

Building on features from the 1990CCS, the redesigned N500C series air drills feature new ProSeries openers.

John Deere Seeding marketing manager, Ryan Hough said the N500C delivers on the top requests of producers in improvements to small grains seeding equipment.

"Easier meter access, improved seeding accuracy and increased capacity with less compaction were the most common requests we heard from customers," he said.

"The N500C Air Drill was designed to give operators much easier meter access, and the latest in integrated technology for improved seed placement accuracy, control and confidence, to help them do the best seeding job possible for cereals, canola, soybeans and other crops."

Mr Hough said the first feature customers would note was a significant change to the main frame and commodity tank, with the blower now mounted in the forward position and a new raised platform which allowed easier meter access and clearing of blockages.

To meet the needs of precision agriculture, the new series has electric-drive volumetric meters, a feature John Deere said would offer greater seed population control, along with section control for variable rate seeding.

Mr Hough said Deere had also included scales for on-the-go seeding calibration, automatic seed flow monitoring, seed down force adjustment and other precision controls.

"The N500C Air Drills may be the most advanced small grains seeders on the market, giving operators much more control of seeding operations and the ability to monitor and adjust seeding rates, down pressure and other machine functions on-the-go from the cab," he said.

"We've even made curve compensation available on air drills for the first time to reduce overlaps and skips around contours and obstacles in the field."

Mr Hough said the new no-till ProSeries openers would improve seed placement accuracy across a wide variety of conditions.

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