Glen Innes Hereford Bull Sale celebrates spirit of the bush

Glen Innes Hereford Bull Sale celebrates spirit of the bush

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Despite the crippling drought, the 74th annual Glen Innes Hereford Bull Sale promises not only a great sale but also an opportunity for struggling farmers to come together for a good time.


Story sponsored by Elders Glen Innes.

During tough times on the land there are two things you really need to take care of if you're a cattle producer: the genetic base of your herd and your own mental health.

With one of the worst droughts in living memory currently crippling Queensland and swaths of Northern NSW, this will be a primary focus for this year's annual Glen Innes Hereford Bull Sale.

Now in its 74th year, the dedicated organising committee have worked hard to put together a great event, one which will not only deliver their clients value for money but also an opportunity to let their hair down and spend some time with other farmers that are in the same boat they are.

It will take place over two big days at the Glen Innes Saleyards and will not only include the annual White Face Sale on July 26 but also the prestigious annual show and social events on the 25th.

Despite the toughness of the season, committee chairman Angus Vivers says it is still shaping up to be a really good sale.

"It's going to be a very tough year... (because of the drought but) the reports I've heard from the agents are that there are some very good bulls coming in," Mr Vivers said.

"This year we have 96 bulls catalogued and six heifers... It's probably the best value sale you'll find. You can get really good commercial bulls for very reasonable prices."

Glen Innes has a long proud history. It is the oldest multi-vendor hereford sale in Australia, just about every hereford stud in the country has either sold or purchased there over the years.

In its heyday, the sale would span four days and see almost 800 bulls go under the hammer. Over the years however it has shrunk in stature.

With the increasing popularity of on-property sales, some larger vendors have opted to host their own.

However, Glen Innes still provides an important avenue for smaller vendors who either can't afford the expense of hosting a sale or who don't have the money to pay the typically higher prices.

While Glen Innes still does pull in big figures - in the last five years they've had top prices as high as $45,000 - they also cater for every budget.

Weighing and scanning will take place on Thursday, July 25, starting at 6.30am. At 1.30pm the show will get underway, with renowned producer Ben Davis judging.

He will decide the winner of this year's prestigious pen of three bulls - which offers $500 in prize money (sponsored by Rabobank) - as well as the pen of six (sponsored by Chesterfield) and the grand champion bull.

There will also be a yards man's pick, which Mr Vivers says will be a highlight in itself, the judges have more than 200 years of experience between them.

Afterwards, the committee will host a get together at the New England Club, where they will auction off the inside covers and centerfold for next year's guide and announce the winners from the show.

More importantly though, it will give people on the land that are struggling the opportunity to come together and realise they're not alone.

"I think it's important that you keep in contact with other people on the land that are going through the same things you are..." Mr Vivers said.

"Sometimes we can have a tough day up here but then I think about the fact that there are a lot of people out there that are a lot worse off than we are..." he continued.

"We're gunna make it a bit of a celebration. We want to make sure everybody's talking to each other and having a good time because we don't want it to be a sad time."

The sale will begin at 11am on Friday, July 26. For more information, contact Elders Glen Innes on (02) 6739 7300.

Story sponsored by Elders Glen Innes.