Limousins feature at Bundaberg Show

Photos aplenty from Bundaberg Regional Show 2019

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Agriculture was well represented at the Bundaberg Regional Show this week.


A LIMOUSIN feature show was the centrepiece to the stud cattle competition at this year's Bundaberg Regional Show yesterday.

Under cool and clear conditions, Limousin studs from throughout Queensland attended the show, as did other cattle studs to compete for the ribbons.

Healthy entries were also present for the small breeds and Bos Indicus sections.

The guest judge for this year was Charbray breeder, Matt Welsh, Huntington Charbrays, Taroom, who praised the quality line up on display and encouraged breeders to continue working towards those desired beef traits.

In the centre ring, a popular spectacle was the Young Farmers Challenge which pitted teams through various rural tasks like putting together cattle panels, changing a tyre and carrying bales of hay.

The three-day event celebrated its 126th anniversary.


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