Angus weaned steers return $735 on AuctionsPlus

Angus weaned steers return $735 on AuctionsPlus


There were 2012 cattle and 11,929 sheep offered on AuctionsPlus last week.


Cattle numbers decreased last week by 1526 to total 2012 head. Queensland buyers continue to look interstate to NSW, purchasing 270 head from the northern tablelands and north west slopes and plains region. A highlight saw 80 Angus weaned steers from Purlewaugh, NSW return $735. These steers are 12-13 months, weigh 246kg and will travel 600km to Toowoomba.

Six lines of Barkly composite backgrounder steers were offered from Australian Agricultural Company selling from 253c to 264c, averaging 257c. The top price was returned by the line of 167 backgrounder steers, 13-18 months weighing 256kg which will travel locally. Another highlight saw one line of weaned steers a/c J.R and V.M Brawne, Meandarra sold for 292c. These 63 Angus and Angus cross steers are 8-10 months, weigh 247kgs and found a buyer at Toowoomba.

Averaging 258c, weaned heifers sold from 241c to 268c. The top price was returned by a line of 50 Angus heifers a/c JR & V.M. Brawne, Meandarra. These heifers are 8-10 months, weigh 223kg and will remain locally. Other highlights saw backgrounder heifers selling from 219c to 257c, averaging 238c. From Jimbour, Lynetter Nicholson offered a line of 22 Murray Grey and Red Angus cross heifers which returned the top price. These heifers are 13-14 months, weigh 283kg and will remain in Qld.

PTIC cows sold for $1080 and $1100. G Carey, Goondiwinidi, offered both lines. The top price was returned by 47 Angus cows. These cows are three years, weigh 515kg, are PTIC to Angus bulls and will travel across the border to Inverell, NSW. Other highlights saw one Braford PTIC heifer from Banana return $1400. This heifer is 16 months, weighs 442kg and is PTIC to a Braford bull and will travel locally.


Sheep numbers remained steady this week with 11,929 head listed and a 73 per cent clearance. 37pc of the listings found buyers from interstate with NSW buyers purchasing the majority while Vic and SA buyers were also active.

The offering of Merino wethers and wether lambs again saw a 100pc clearance, selling from $89 to $128, averaging $105. From Goondiwindi, 675 store wether lambs a/c I H Finlayson returned the top price. These wethers are Pooginook blood, Sep/Oct '18 drop, weigh 37kg with 1 1/4" skin and will remain locally. From Quilpie, a line of 520 woolgrower wethers returned $100. These wethers are Sep/Oct '18 drop, weigh 35kg with a 1" skin and will travel 1600km to Stawell, Vic.

CS & CJ Mitchell, Roma, offered a line of 329 NSM Merino ewes which sold for $98. These ewes are Mt Ascot blood, 6-7 years, weigh 41kg with a 2 1/4" skin and will travel across the border to Forbes, NSW. Other highlights saw 280 station mated Merino ewe hoggets return $118. Offered by PJ Ellis & S Daley Partnership, these hoggets are 20-21 months, weigh 37kg with a 1/2" skin, are joined to Poll Dorset rams and found a local buyer.

SIL ewes sold from $125 to $201, averaging $175. The top price was returned by a line of 610 Australian White/Dorper ewes from Pumbaaloo Pty Ltd, Longreach. These ewes are 2-3 years, weigh 61kg are joined to Australian White rams and will travel to Broken Hill, NSW.

D & V Holland, Goondiwindi, offered a line of 550 White Dorper cross mixed sex lambs. These lambs are Sep '18 to Jan '19 drop, weigh 28kg with a 1" skin, returned $107 and will travel 900km to Wagga Wagga, NSW.


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