Photos from the Women of Lot Feeding ball

Photos from the Women of Lot Feeding ball


See who celebrated at the fourth Women of Lot Feeding Beef, Bling and Bowties event.


Recently about 200 people who are passionate about the feedlot industry, kicked off their work boots and put on their bling to gather at Blank Space, to celebrate the fourth Women of Lot Feeding's annual event - Beef, Bling and Bowties.

People travelled from as far as Brisbane, and Dulungra, NSW to attend the event.

Blank Space provided the backdrop to create a great opportunity for people to network, catch up with old friends and make new ones.

The band "Preserve the Moose" provided fantastic entertainment on the night with people even dancing in between the entrée and main meal.

Guest Speaker Lauren McNally, HR and WHS manager at Mort & Co, inspired those present by speaking of her life experiences and how they have impacted and influenced her to become the woman that she is today.

Lauren spoke on why she is so passionate about working within the feedlot industry. She loves observing and empowering the strong and resilient capabilities of rural agricultural workforces.

Also, a talented artist, Lauren painted and donated the first prize for the raffle on the night.

Keynote speaker for the night was Jason Strong, managing director of MLA, who spoke about the direction of MLA and many of the projects it is currently undertaking.

He said critical to their success is strengthening the relationship between the MLA and the producers by building stronger collaboration, within the supply chain, and delivering value for the stake holder investments. Mr Strong discussed projects that are underway and the benefits that come from them. There are many thousands of projects that have been completed with over 600 still underway.


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