Qld, Vic and SA buyers push prices at Inverell

Inverell cattle sale sees light plain weaner yarding

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At least half the yarding was under 200 kilograms.


A yarding of 2483 head with a large majority of light plain weaner cattle were presented at the Inverell saleyards last Thursday and reached pleasing results for both vendors and agents.

According to Colin Say and Co's Shad Bailey there were minimal heavy weights on offer with at least half of the yarding under 200 kilograms and the balance about 200 to 300 kilograms.

Buyers travelled from the north in central Queensland and the Darling Downs to Victoria and South Australia with heifer demand strong throughout.

A total of 1143 steers were offered averaging 230c/kg at 213 kilograms.

Steers up to 200kg averaged 216c/kg and topped at 254c/kg to return between $154-$438/hd.

Those in the 200-300kg category averaged 235c/kg to top at 277c/kg making between $357-$793/hd.

The Obrien family offered the top priced steers from the 400 to 500 kilogram weight range, which returned $902/hd.

About 1202 heifers were sold averaging 184c/kg at 204 kilograms.

Those weighing up to 200 averaged 170c/kg to top at 220c/kg and averaged $279/hd topping at $416/hd.

The 200-300kg females averaged 194c/kg to top at 220c/kg. They averaged $462/hd an topped at $601/hd.

The top heifer offering was sold by Cheypae Farming for heifers in the 300-400kg category returning $686/hd.

According to Mr Bailey, the best of the black heifers made to 220c/kg with heavier offerings hitting 216c/kg.

"Once cattle got lighter the price came down and they were harder to shift," he said after the sale on May 16.

"What we have seen through the end of last week and this week, our producers and agents are very pleased with the market report. It's really exceeded all our expectations."

In the steer portion, he said the best of the Angus offering were secured by feedlotters at 270c/kg for 280 to 290 kilogram steers.

The majority of the black cattle were sold for 245c/kg to 260c/kg, with the light weights again hard to move.

Crossbreds also saw demand hitting about 230c/kg to 245c/kg.

The best of the pregnancy tested in calf cattle got to $600/head while cows and calves hit $860.

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