Dearer market for Toogoolawah feeders

Dearer market for Toogoolawah feeders


Weaner steers were in short supply at Toogoolawah on Friday. Most local producers waiting for the Weaner Show and Sale on 17th May.


Feeder steers sold to a dearer market at Toogoolawah on Friday.

20 month old Santa steers sold on account of L. Hoare of Flagstone made $1230 while 15 month-old steers sold for $960.

Ben Facey sold his 18-month-old Angus cross steers for $980 and $920.

E & R Hayes of Blackbutt had Droughtmaster steers, aged 12 months for $760.

Charlie Zischke sold Charolais cross steers aged 16 months for $840.

Sue Lee sold Senepol cross steers aged 14 months for $820.

J & L Langley had 18 month old Charolais cross steers for $1170 and 14 months for $890.

Eddie Vellacott sold light condition Droughtmaster cross steers for $710 and $700.

Weaner steers were in short supply with most local producers waiting for the Weaner Show and Sale on 17th May with an expected yarding of 5,500 excellent young cattle.

Charolais steer calves, six months, sold in the $590-$640 range. Light conditioned small late weaner steers showed no improvement and represents an opportunity to purchase quality young cattle at reasonable prices.

Garry Siedofsky sold PTIC Charolais cross cows for $1190.

David Morse had PTIC Droughtmaster cows for $1020 and $1000.

Mary Birchley sold Charolais cross store cows to $960.

Philip Lehman of Patrick Estate sold aged Droughtmaster cows with small calves for $1000.

Shearer Agriculture sold Charbray heifers for $1200 & $1100, while Santa heifers of L Hoare sold for $1100.

Charlie Zischke sold 15 month, Charolais cross heifers for $770.

Hurley Grazing Co. sold Santa cross heifers, 18 months, for $720.

E & R Hayes had Droughtmaster cross heifers, 12 months for $770.

Ben Facey's Angus x heifers, aged 18 months sold to $860.

The Toogoolawah annual weaner sale will be held on Friday 17th May.


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