Video captures shock collision at Adani protest

Queensland Police say Adani protester struck by horse

Protesters rushed to check on the woman, who was seriously injured in the incident. Photo: Matthew Newton.

Protesters rushed to check on the woman, who was seriously injured in the incident. Photo: Matthew Newton.


A 61-year-old woman was struck by a horse, police said.


A crowd of anti-Adani protesters gasp in horror as a 61-year-old woman is seriously injured during an incident at the Clermont Showgrounds on Sunday afternoon.

The woman was allegedly struck by a horse ridden into the protest venue by a 41-year-old Clermont local, who has been arrested and charged with common assault, trespass, and obstructing police.

Video captures the moment the woman was allegedly struck, with dozens of worried protesters running across the showgrounds to check on her.

Woman injured at Adani protest

Queensland Police said the Clermont man had also been charged with dangerous operation of a vehicle, namely a horse, causing grievous bodily harm.

The woman was taken to Clermont and then Mackay Hospital, while the man was set to appear in Mackay Magistrates Court on Monday.

"It will be alleged a man riding a horse entered the entertainment ring at the showgrounds around 3.30pm," Queensland Police said.

"A 61-year-old NSW woman, who was heading towards a gate, was struck by the horse."

Tensions have been high in Clermont, a small town deep in Queensland's mining heartland, following the arrival of a convoy of hundreds of anti-Adani protesters.

Clermont is the closest town to Adani's Carmichael Mine site and many locals are strong supporters of the mine and the jobs it could create.

Some local businesses refused to serve the anti-Adani convoy.

"Mr Brown and Stop Adani protesters. You may have travelled far and wide but you won't get food or drink inside," read a sign outside one Clermont pub.

Isaac Regional Council Mayor Anne Baker, who has been working with protesters and pro-coal locals to ease tensions in the lead-up to the convoy's arrival, said disruptive behaviour would not be tolerated.

"Our thoughts are with the injured woman and we wish her a speedy recovery," she said.

"This rogue act by an individual does not reflect the community of Clermont or the wider Isaac region.

"Council remains in contact with the Bob Brown Foundation as this situation continues to evolve."

Convoy leader and former Australian Greens leader Bob Brown said the injured woman was "warm-hearted".

"She was here to help secure Australia's future from the Adani coal mine. She has more than 300 well wishers, still in Clermont with fingers crossed for her speedy recovery."


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