Charolais cross heifers reach 252c/$1254 at Roma prime sale

Charolais cross heifers reach 252c/$1254 at Roma prime sale


There was a yarding of 615 cattle at Roma prime sale on Thursday.


A total yarding of 615 head of cattle were penned at Roma's prime sale on Thursday.

Steers over 550kg sold to 281c and averaged 252c, while steers 400-550kg sold to 272c, averaging 229c.

Yorkaringa Farming Trust, Yorkaringa, Wallumbilla sold Santa cross steers to 275c, reaching a top of $1878 to average $1686.

PJ and KN Timmins, Maroona, Mitchell sold Santa steers to 264c, reaching a top of $1268 to average $1268. The Santa bulls sold to 230c, reaching a top of $2438 to average $2353.

Heifers over 450kg made to 252c and averaged 234c, heifers in the 350-450kg sold to 205c, averaging 183c.

DR Wells, Navarra, Roma sold Charolais cross heifers to 252c, reaching a top of $1254 to average $1254. The Charolais cross cows sold to 215c, reaching a top of $1176 to average $1176.

Cows over 500kg peaked at 225c and averaged 203c, while cows in the 400-500kg class topped at 237c and averaged 161c. Cows 300-400kg sold to 180c and averaged 125c.

BM and ND Bauer, Manning East, Augathella sold Brahman cows to 237c, reaching a top of $1366 to average $1188.

Bass Cattle Co, Muldoon, Mungallala sold Santa cows to 225c, reaching a top of $1472 to average $1274.

Golden Pastoral Holdings, Strathmore, Dulacca sold Santa cross cows to 225c, reaching a top of $1404 to average $1309.

CA Crozier and TF Rule, Tyrone, Charleville sold Brahman cross cows to 220c, reaching a top of $1093 to average $991.

MLA and JL Morton, Ridgelands, Wallumbilla sold Santa cross cows to 218c, reaching a top of $1167 to average $1027.

Russell Ian Mocker, Surprise, St George sold Santa cows to 217c, reaching a top of $1277 to average $1077.

AJ Lister, Grafton Lea, Orallo sold Angus cows to 216c, reaching a top of $1221 to average $1221.

TJ and JM Caskey, Avalon, Mitchell sold Charbray cross cows to 212c, reaching a top of $1058 to average $991. 

Bulls over 600kg earned to 248c and averaged 221c.


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