Pasture steers 292.2c at Moreton​

Pasture steers 292.2c at Moreton


The market remained firm for vealers and yearlings at Moreton on Tuesday.


Agents Boyd O'Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding, 824 head, cattle at Moreton on Tuesday. The market remained firm for vealers and yearlings. An outstanding yarding, grain assist cattle came to hand and sold to a very strong market. Feeders remained firm as did pasture trade. Export remained strong across the board.

Charbray vealer steers account JVPT Pty Ltd, Purga sold for 235.2c weighing 296 kg to return $698. JVPT Pty Ltd also sold Charbray vealer heifers for 219.2c weighing 291kg to return $639. G & K Hahn, Gatton sold Euro cross yearling steers for 274.2c weighing 361kg to return $991. Bell Pastoral, Rosewood sold Droughtmaster cross yearling steers for 241.2c weighing 287kg to return $693. Charolais cross yearling heifers account Mountview Pastoral Company, Bryden sold for 217.2c weighing 297kg to return $646. Droughtmaster cross feeder steers account D & J Verrall, Silverdale sold for 283.2c weighing 407kg to return $1154. Veraart Livestock, Purga sold Charbray cross feeder steers for 278.2c weighing 410kg to return $1140.

R Steinhardt, Gatton sold Charbray feeder heifers for 241.2c weighing 378kg to return $912. Sticklen & Lau, Lilydale sold Charolais grain assist steers for 290c weighing 486kg to return $1411. Charolais grain assist heifers also account Sticklen & Lau sold for 297.2c weighing 530kg to return $1575. Llanarth Pastoral Company, Charters Towers sold Brangus cross grain accredited heifers for 265.2c weighing 345kg to return $915. R Bassett, Lanefield sold Limousin cross grass ox for 292.2c weighing 560kg to return $1636. Brahman cross cows account Grieve Brothers, Colinton sold for 238.2c weighing 541Kg to return $1289. S Christensen, Rosevale sold Santa bulls for 249.2c weighing 835kg to return $2080.


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