Angus steers top at 285c on AuctionsPlus

Angus steers top at 285c on AuctionsPlus


There were 5784 cattle and 3441 sheep offered on AuctionsPlus this week.


Cattle numbers increased to 5784 head, up 1251. This week saw a 50 per cent improvement in clearance, with clearance post-sale sitting at 79pc. Numbers were also boosted by nearly 3000 head offered as part of the annual Clark & Tait and Invited Vendors Surplus Cattle Sale. A further 4580 head were also purchased from across NSW, and will move into southern Queensland, with weaner and yearling steers making up majority of the purchases.

Weaned steers sold from 280c to 285c, for three lots of Angus steers offered by JH Fairfax & Son, Toobeah. In total, 259 Angus steers, 5-7 months in age were offered. 85 steers, weighing 186kg returned the top price of 285c, while two lots of 87 steers weighing 233kg sold for 280c. From Millmerran, a line of 12 Speckle Park/Angus cross unweaned steers returned 225c. Weighing 288kg, these steers are 8-10 months.

Yearling steers sold from 178c to 261c, averaging 245c. From Alpha, three lots of 115 Santa Gertrudis cross steers sold for the top price of 261c. Weighing 243kg, these steers are 12-14 months old. The vendor, Barcaldine Pastoral Company, also offered a line of 102 Santa cross steers, 12-14 months, weighing 276kg which also returned 261c. From Springsure, a line of 96 Droughtmaster cross steers sold for 242c. Weighing 353kg, these steers are 15-18 months old. From Jambin, a line of 67 Charbray cross steers returned 225c. These steers are 14-18 months and weigh 283kg.

Yearling heifers averaged 175c, selling from 163c to 191c. From Roma, the top price was returned by two lines offered by Doce Pty Ltd. The offering consisted of 108 Droughtmaster heifers, weighing 302kg and 15-18 months old and a line of 96 Shorthorn/Droughtmaster cross heifers, 15-18 months and weighing 303kg. From Emerald, a line of 102 Santa cross heifers sold for 186c. Weighing 278kg, these heifers are 15-18 months. From Texas, a line of 24 Poll Hereford/Angus heifers returned 168c. Weighing 298kg, these heifers are 15-17 months old.

Mt Colliery Cattle Co, Killarney, offered three lines of PTIC yearling heifers, 18-26 months old, which all sold for $480. The offering consisted of 50 Angus heifers, weighing 360kg, joined to Angus & Poll Hereford bulls; 25 Poll Hereford/Angus heifers, weighing 355kg, joined to Angus & Poll Hereford bulls; and 25 Poll Hereford/Santa cross heifers, weighing 347kg and joined to Angus, Poll Hereford, and Charolais bulls.

Cows with calves at foot sold from $410 to $1110, averaging $918. The top price was returned by two lines of 54 Santa cross cows and calves offered by Enniskillen Pastoral Company, Blackall. Weighing 424kg and 446kg, these cows are 5-9 years old and joined to Santa and Droughtmaster bulls. The calves at foot are 3-6 months and sired by Santa and Droughtmaster bulls. The vendor offered a total of 468 Santa cross cows and calves, which sold from $780 to $1110. From Roma, a line of 105 Charolais cross cows and calves sold for $800. Weighing 431kg, these cows are 3-9 years with 2-6 month old calves at foot. The calves are sired by Santa bulls and average 130kg.

Sheep numbers out of Queensland dropped by 2606 head totalling 3441 head listed. This week clearance improved by 21pc, sitting at 77pc. NSW buyers remained active, purchasing just over half of the Queensland offering. 980 Merino wethers also travelled into Queensland, from NSW and north-east Victoria.

Merino ewes sold for $48 and $64. From Inglewood, a line of not station mated Merino ewes returned $48. Weighing 40kg, these ewes are rising six years old, Boonoke blood and have a 1/4" skin. This line will travel to Inverell, NSW. From Isisford, a line of 570 scanned in-lamb Merino ewes sold for $64. These ewes are seven years old, weigh 54kg and have a 2" skin. These ewes have been joined to Merino rams, and found a buyer in St George.

Merino ewe lambs returned $97 and $114. From Dirranbandi, a line of 500 Merino ewe lambs sold for the top price. These lambs weigh 35kg, are Jul/Aug '18 drop with a 2 1/4" skin. This line will travel over 1000km to Deniliquin, NSW. Selling for $97 was a line of 520 Merino ewe lambs from Thargomindah. Weighing 29kg, these lambs are Aug/Sep '18 drop with a 2" skin, and will travel to Koorawatha, NSW. A line of 280 mixed sex Merino lambs from Cunnamulla, selling for $60, will also travel to Koorawatha. Weighing 26kg, these lambs are Sept/Oct '18 drop with a 1 1/2" skin.

From Talwood, two lines of mixed sex Dorper lambs sold for $100. Margdan Pastoral offered a line of 220 mixed sex Dorper lambs weighing 36kg. These lambs are Sept/Oct '18 drop, while a line of 400 mixed sex Dorper lambs, a/c Pfingst Trading also returned $100. Weighing 35kg, these lambs are Sept/Oct '18 drop. Both lines found buyers from Biddeston.


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