Feeder steers hit 276.2c at Moreton​

Feeder steers hit 276.2c at Moreton


Vealers, feeders and trade cattle met strong demand at Moreton on Tuesday.


Agents Boyd O'Brien Bartholomew reported a yarding of 247 head of cattle on Tuesday at Moreton with the market dearer for all descriptions. Vealers met strong demand as did feeders and trade. Export sold very well.

Talora Pty Ltd, Gatton, sold Droughtmaster cross vealer steers for 223.2c/kg weighing 253kg to return $760. Talora Pty Ltd also sold Droughtmaster cross vealer heifers for 180.2c weighing 267kg to return $482. Estate of Joyce Heck, Fernvale, sold Braford yearling steers for 250.2c weighing 348kg to return $870. Charbray yearling heifers account G and K Steinhardt, Gatton, sold for 190.2c weighing 325kg to return $618.

J and J Vanstone, Boonah, sold Charbray light feeder steers for 273.2c weighing 407kg to return $1113. S Stark, Crow's Nest, sold Droughtmaster cross heavy feeder steers for 276.2c weighing 499kg to return $1379. Santa cross feeder heifers account R and M Ruhland, Boonah, sold for 249.2c weighing 550kg to return $1370. D Zurvas, Mt Alford, sold Limousin cross grain assist steers for 270.2c weighing 490kg to return $1323.

Brahman cross grass ox account P and C Williams, Lilydale, sold for 250c weighing 585kg to return $1462. Droughtmaster cross cows account I and D Williams, Toogoolawah, sold for 219.2c weighing 580kg to return $1271. M Williams, Toogoolawah, sold Droughtmaster cross cows for 219.2c weighing 617kg to return $1353. Droughtmaster cross bulls account J Williams, Linville, sold for 214.2c weighing 755kg to return $1617.


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