Rain sees Roma yarding reduce dramatically

Rain sees renewed demand for cattle


Such a small yarding hasn't been since October 2016 when 2470 head were booked.

Just 2445 head have been booked for Tuesday's Roma store sale.

Just 2445 head have been booked for Tuesday's Roma store sale.

Great rainfall totals across the central and western parts of the state have seen bookings for Tuesday's Roma store sale fall to just 2445 head.

It's a huge turnaround from recent weeks when yardings were over the 6000-head mark, and the first time in several years that numbers have dropped so low - the last time being a yarding of 2470 head in October 2016.

Landmark agent Rod Turner, Roma, said incredible falls of up to 100mm north of Charleville, around Tambo and through the Miles, Wandoan and Taroom areas were a welcome relief.

"Around Roma we've only had from 10mm to 25mm but it's enough to give people confidence to hang on," he said.

"It's been four big sales over the last month, and people are just going to hang onto them now and see what this weather does."

Mr Turner said confidence in the season had boosted demand.

"There's people ringing up looking to buy cattle too, so it'll be considerably dearer here tomorrow," he said.

The possibility of rain was on everybody's mind at the last sale, with many people deciding not to lighten their heifer load in the hope that weekend rain would cause the market to rally and come back from an average of 152c/kg in some places.


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