Angus/Santa Gertrudis steers return top price of 259c/$690 on AuctionsPlus

Angus/Santa Gertrudis steers return top price of 259c/$690 on AuctionsPlus


There were 4533 cattle and 6047 sheep offered on AuctionsPlus this week.


As dry conditions prevail, numbers offered online doubled what was offered last week, to total 4533 head. Vendors are seeking control through setting a reserve price as prices decline in online and physical marketplaces. As prices declined across most stock categories, clearance at auction was impacted as vendor expectations outweighed buyer demand. Post-sale negotiations saw clearance rise to 30 per cent, with 253 head travelling into NSW.

Two lines of weaned steers from southern Queensland sold at auction. From Kingaroy, a line of 51 Angus/Santa Gertrudis steers returned the top price of 259c or $690. These steers are 6-9 months old, weigh 266kg and will travel to Dalby. A line of 49 Angus steers from Goondiwindi sold for 239c or $705. Weighing 294kg, these steers are 8-11 months, EU accredited and were purchased by a buyer in Yuleba.

A single line of 78 Droughtmaster cross weaned heifers from Blackall returned 170c or $465. Weighing 273kg, these heifers are 8-12 months and were purchased by a buyer at Gympie. From Tambo, a line of 112 Angus cross mixed sex calves sold for 208c or $255. These calves are 3.5-7 months, weigh 122kg and are travelling to Dalby.

Yearling heifers saw a 45pc clearance, with an average price of 193c returned. Selling from 143c to 238c, the top price was achieved by a line of 85 crossbred Wagyu F1 heifers from Bollon. These heifers are 17-19 months, and weigh 336kg. Offered by the same vendor, a further 168 Wagyu/Angus cross heifers, the same age and weight, sold for 236c or $795. All three lots are travelling across the border to Barraba, NSW.

From Tambo, a line of 136 Charolais/Brahman cross backgrounder heifers returned 172c or $470. These heifers are 11-15 months and weigh 272kg. The same vendor also offered a line of 56 Droughtmaster/Brahman cross heifers, 11-15 months and weighing 271kg which sold for 147c and a line of 96 Charolais/Brahman cross heifers, 12-18 months and 327kgs which returned 143c. From Blackall, a line of 104 Droughtmaster cross feeder heifers returned 177c or $620. Weighing 349kg, these heifers are 12-18 months and were purchased by a buyer in Rangeville.

Two lines of PTIC yearling heifers sold for $490 and $605. From Tambo, a line of 96 PTIC Charolais/Brahman cross heifers sold for the top price. These heifers are 334kg, 12-18 months and are in calf to Angus, Droughtmaster, Shorthorn and Brahman bulls, and will travel to Longreach. Offered by the same vendor, a smaller line of 29 PTIC Charolais/Charbray cross heifers sold for $490. Weighing 274kg, these heifers are 11-18 months and are in calf to Angus, Droughtmaster, Shorthorn and Brahman bulls, while this line is headed for Cunnamulla.

This week saw a significant variation in the prices returned for cows and calves, with all sale results occurring from post-sale negotiations and lines selling from $540 to $1180. From Blackall, the top price was returned by a line of 60 Brangus cross cows and calves. Weighing 493kg, these cows are 2-6 years and joined to Angus bulls. The CAF are 1-32 weeks, sired by Angus and Ultrablack bulls and average 135kg. The line was purchased by a local buyer. Also from Blackall, a line of 43 Santa Gertrudis cross cows and calves sold for $895. These cows are 7-10 years and weigh 490kg and are joined to Hereford bulls. The CAF are 1-16 weeks, average 119kg and are sired by Hereford bulls. This line will travel to Longreach.

Sheep numbers dropped by 1290 head to total 6047 listed. This week also saw clearance across the Queensland offering improve slightly to 56pc. NSW buyers remained active, with 2107 head moving interstate.

Merino ewes returned from $55 to $90, averaging $75. From Hebel, a line of 577 NSM Merino ewes returned the top price. Weighing 36kg, these ewes are North Ashrose and Haddon Rig blood, have a 2” skin and are 1.5-2.5 years old. Offered by the same vendor, a line of 273 NSM Merino ewes sold for $79. These ewes are rising four years old and weigh 43kg, with a 2” skin. Both lines will travel to Richmond. From Muckadilla, a line of 320 NSM poll Merino ewes sold for $55. Weighing 42kg, these ewes are rising five years old, and have a 1.5” skin. This line will travel to Quilpie.

From Dirranbandi, a line of 390 NSM Dohne/Merino cross ewes returned $112. Weighing 45kg, these ewes are 17-18 months and will travel to Trangie, NSW.

A single line of 417 Merino wether lambs from Goondiwindi, returned $65.50. These lambs are Apr/May ’18 drop, weigh 36kg, have a 0.5” skin and will travel to Dubbo, NSW. From Hebel, a line of 400 mixed sex Merino lambs sold for $26. Weighing 15kg, these lambs are Oct/Nov ’18 drop and have a 1” skin, they will also travel to Wellington, NSW. From Muckadilla, a line of 90 Poll Merino wether hoggets sold for $60. Weighing 40kg, these hoggets are 16-17 months, have a 1.5” skin and will head to Quilpie.

From Stanthorpe, a line of 520 mixed sex second cross White Suffolk lambs returned $110.50. These lambs weigh 39kg and are Aug/Sept ’18 drop. This line will travel to Coleambally, NSW. A line of 380 mixed sex second cross Coolalee lambs returned $100.50. Weighing 37kg, these lambs are Jun/Jul ’18 drop and are headed to Gulgong, NSW.


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