Activists happy to use hypocrisy to destroy farmers​

Activists happy to use hypocrisy to destroy farmers


We think the campaign by radical anti-farmer group Aussie Farms crosses the line between activism and terrorism.


I think what I find most offensive about militant animal activists is their arrogant assumption that they have a monopoly on humanity and kindness.

As a beef producer, I have no delusions and no qualms about why I am raising cattle: to humanely and sustainably provide meat for the majority of Australians who eat it, and to produce affordable protein for people worldwide.

But, like all professional farmers – whether they produce meat, milk, eggs, honey, hide or fleece – I abhor animal cruelty in any form.

I am committed to ensuring it has no place in Australian agriculture, the world leader in animal welfare.

I am proud of the lengths I go to to ensure my livestock are healthy and well-fed, have access to quality veterinary care, are protected from predators, and are slaughtered humanely.

As such, I find the hypocrisy of militant animal activist groups absolutely breathtaking.

On Monday, radical anti-farmer group Aussie Farms launched a malicious website which could very likely encourage people to illegally enter farms and other agribusinesses to gather (and, as it transpires, possibly to manufacture) scenes of animal ‘cruelty’.

We think this crosses the line between activism and terrorism, and fear it will incite militant activists to break the law to further their radical ideology.

We have been inundated by calls and emails from members saying they fear for the safety of their families, their businesses and their livestock.

AgForce has thrown our support behind National Farmers’ Federation, our peak body, to ensure Australian agriculture speaks with one voice.

Strength is in solidarity and we are asking our members (and non-members) to support this campaign to shut down these terrorists. See what you can do here:  

Please make your voices heard. Share and comment on AgForce’s Facebook posts and – if you use Twitter – reTweet ours making sure you tag @ausfarms so they know we are talking about them.


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