Steve Comiskey out in front

Steve Comiskey leads open rider


Steve Comiskey leads the open rider standings from Ben Hall in second.


All year we’ve watched the exciting and constant battle for the top spot in the Ariat Champion Open Rider competition and this week has been no exception.

Steve Comiskey leads the standings with 1457.48 points, with his latest efforts taking place at the Cooyar Charity Draft late last year.

Ben Hall is holding tight in second place with 1336.80 points, though with a little over two months left of the season we can be sure Ben will be aiming for first position.

In third is Pete Comiskey on 1156.32 points, who has a little catching up to do if he wants to become the back-to-back champion for another year.

Rohan Marks and Will Durkin appear comfortable in fourth and fifth places with 917.65 and 733.98 points respectively.


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