Medium weight feeder steers top at 300c at Dalby​

Medium weight feeder steers top at 300c at Dalby


Lines of well bred yearling steers met strong demand at Wednesday's Dalby sale.


A month between sales and the continuing dry weather conditions resulted in Dalby agents yarding 8021 head of cattle for the first sale of the year. Consignments of cattle were drawn from far Western Queensland, NSW and local areas.

The yarding consisted of a fair penning of cows, however there were large numbers of yearling cattle yarded.  All the usual restocker and feeder buyers operated, however compared to the last sale of 2018 prices were cheaper, although good quality, and lines of well bred yearling steers met strong demand, while the plainer quality cattle experienced the greatest loss.

Medium weight feeder steers sold to a top of 300c for an average of 279c. Heavy feeder steers averaged 270c. The yarding of export cattle consisted mainly of cows and a fair penning of grown heifers, while there was a limited supply of grown steers offered. Not all the usual buyers operated, in a much cheaper market. Heavy feeder steers topped at 268c, while grown heifers sold up to 256c.

There was a large percentage of plain conditioned cows through the sale. Medium weight 2 score cows averaged 171c and medium weight 3 score cows averaged 191c. Heavy cows sold to a top of 223c for an average of 211c.


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