Cows and calves hit $2000 at Toogoolawah

Young Droughtmaster cows and calves hit $2000 at Toogoolawah

Jeffery, Damien and Warren Hansen, Mt Sylvia, sold 43 Droughtmaster cows and calves for a top of $2000 to average $ Toogoolawah.

Jeffery, Damien and Warren Hansen, Mt Sylvia, sold 43 Droughtmaster cows and calves for a top of $2000 to average $ Toogoolawah.


There was a yarding of 1710 at Toogoolawah, where the market was described as solid.


There was a yarding of 1710 at Toogoolawah on Friday.

Warren and Jeff Hansen of Mt Sylvia sold their entire herd of Droughtmaster breeders.  42 cows and calves sold at $2000, $1900, $1890 and $1750. 20 PTIC heifers received $1310 and 20 Droughtmaster heifers 12-16 mths sold to $970 and $810.

The estate of D. Vietheer, Hattonvale sold quality Santa cows and calves for $1600. Ben and Jemma King, Boonah, sold aged Charbray cows and calves for $1350. Barnes Grazing Co sold Charolais cross cows and calves for $1380. Kilcoy Butchery sold Droughtmaster cows and calves for $1405. Belted Galloway cross cows and calves sold for $1100.

The steer market opened strong for the first sale with some extremely good quality lines. K&B Brown, Blackbutt sold 0 and 2 teeth Euro cross steers for $1460. Harzer and Co, Gayndah had Euro steers 0 and 2  teeth for $1450. Chris and Shelley Muscett, Coal Creek sold milk tooth Brangus steers for $1260. Rob Daley, Kilcoy had milk tooth Charolais cross steers for $1380. Eskdale Station sold pens of Santa steers 15-18 mths at $1090 and $1020.

Davis White and family sold quality 10-14 mths Santa steers from their Goondiwindi property at $1050 and $960. Graham and Judith McPherson sold Charolais cross steer calves at $930 twice. Wayne Scholl, Gatton had great quality Charolais cross steer calves at $910. Rob and Jenny Grove, Paradise Grazing, Nanango sold Charolais cross steer calves at $910 and $880. Margaret Horrocks of Gatton had Charolais cross steer calves for $870.

Col and Sharon Henderson, Mt Byron had Charolais cross steers late weaned for $750. Andy and Sheree Grieve fetched $830 for their Charolais cross steer calves. Ben Woodford’s Droughtmaster steers 14 mths sold for $940 while Ko Ko Pastoral Co’s Droughtmaster steers 18 mths sold at $1050. Underdog Cattle Co, Collinsville sold three decks of quality Droughtmaster Charbray cross steers and heifers 14 mths.  The steers topped $970 with many pens in the $870 to $880 range.

Peter Buntine sold young Charbray steer calves for $700. Noel and Elaine Ardrey, Linville sold Droughtmaster steers 20 mths for $1150. The Estate of D. Vietheer had heifers and Santa cross steers 12-14 mths for $950. Pacific Agricom, Undulla Station, Beaudesert sold Droughtmaster Brahman cross steer calves for $540. Talora Pty Ltd, Gatton sold one deck of quality unjoined Droughtmaster heifers for $1130. Peter and Fran Eggleston sold unjoined Droughtmaster heifers 18 mths for $1010.

Graham McPherson sold PTIC Charbray heifers for $1140. John and Sherri Westaway had quality Charolais cross heifers 16 mths for $1030. Neil Hobart’s Droughtmaster cross heifers 18-20 mths sold for $940. Max and Kay Hockey, Eidsvold sold three decks of Charolais Santa cross and Santa cross heifers to $1100, $1090, $1070 and $1000. Geoff and Leanne Hartwig of Eidsvold had three decks of Charolais cross and Angus cross heifers No 8.  Charolais cross sold for $1030 and $1010 while the Angus cross topped at $1010.

Graham McPherson sold Charolais cross heifer weaners at $800, $790 and $780 while Graham and Doreen Francis had 14 mth Charolais cross heifers at $970 and $750. Rob and Jenny Grieve had Charolais cross heifer calves for $700, $690 and $650.


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