Something fishy in Surat

Maranoa Council calls for return of missing fish sculpture


Part of Surat's newly-installed Surat Fisherman Sculpture was stolen over the Christmas/New Year period.


It would seem there’s something fishy happening in the town of Surat. 

Part of the town’s newly-installed Surat Fisherman Sculpture, which is located on the southern side of town, went walkabout over the Christmas/New Year period. 

If you know the person who took it, or overhear someone at the local wateringhole talking about a recent big catch, maybe let them in on the secret that this is one fish that should be put back.

Maranoa Council said the missing fish can be returned discreetly at any of Council’s Customer Service Centres or depots.

Let’s show some true Aussie spirit and return the fish before council decides not to be so gracious by letting the culprit off the hook. 


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