Speak up now on cattle lay pregnancy testing​

Speak up now on cattle lay pregnancy testing


Time is running out for Queensland cattle producers to make their views known on cattle lay pregnancy testing.


Queensland cattle producers now have less than two weeks to make their views known on cattle lay pregnancy testing before a State Government consultation process closes. 

AgForce has been lobbying for change in this area on producers’ behalf for many years, and it’s important as many producers as possible have a say and that we make the most of this opportunity.

Outdated regulations in Queensland and a lack of vets in remote areas are increasing costs and reducing margins for live exporters and breeding operations reliant on pregnancy testing services.

For too long Queensland cattle producers have been at a competitive disadvantage to producers in other parts of Australia where lay pregnancy testers are legally operating and have done for years.

Producers can provide comment by completing a 10-minute survey anonymously at http://bit.ly/cattlepregnancytesting, by emailing  bioseclegislation@daf.qld.gov.au or by mailing to GPO Box 46, Brisbane, 4001 before December 14.

This process is – and should be – all about increasing access to reliable and cost-effective pregnancy testing across Queensland.

Vets already operate in a market alongside an underground of laypersons providing pregnancy testing, and there is no evidence this has reduced their business. In fact, the number of vets in rural areas has grown according to the Australian Vet Association.

We have been and will continue to work with the AVA, the Cattle Vet Association and the RSPCA to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare are achieved.

Our aim is to provide a training and accreditation program which will elevate the existing often skilled underground to the professional standing they deserve.

That’s why AgForce supports option three in the Queensland Government’s survey – to amend the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1936 and require an industry owned training and accreditation program.

Please take the time to fill out the survey so the Queensland Government knows exactly what our industry thinks and why this change is so important for our industry’s continued growth and prosperity.


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