Turning air into fresh water

Turning air into fresh water

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GAME CHANGER: The Atmos Blue Air to Water machine has the potential to change the lives of people gripped by drought - like Australian farmers are at present.

GAME CHANGER: The Atmos Blue Air to Water machine has the potential to change the lives of people gripped by drought - like Australian farmers are at present.


A Swiss-produced Air to Water machine could be a "game changer" in addressing the worldwide water crisis according to Atmos Blues' Steve Batchelor.


Brisbane firm Atmos Blue is providing drinking water, produced from the air we breathe, for use across a vast spectrum of applications.

The firm distributes a Swiss-designed and integrated Air to Water machine which harnesses moisture in the air and converts it into high quality mineralised drinking water for human consumption and agricultural purposes, as well as into demineralised water for industrial use.

Atmos Blue managing director Steve Batchelor said the water capability figures for each machine assumes nominal environmental conditions, with an ambient air temperature of 30 degrees and a relative humidity of 70 per cent.

“The Air to Water machines are modular and scalable, and where relevant can be integrated with an existing client monitoring and control system,” he said.

“We are able to model projected water and thermal HVAC outputs for any given geographical area using proprietary software that contains detailed humidity and temperature data for the last 20 years.

“The Air to Water machines come in different sizes and can produce 250 to 10,000 litres of fresh water per day, and custom built mini water plants can be developed that can produce up to 200,000L each day.

Mr Batchelor said the machine could be the key to tackling water issues drought-stricken Australian primary producers are currently contending with.

“This system could be the game changer in addressing the worldwide water crisis, and on a more local level provide relief for Aussie farmers.

“The air to water machine has the capacity to provide them with water than can be used for irrigated cropping purposes, life-sustaining water for their livestock, and drinkable water for themselves and their family.”

Mr Batchelor said on top of providing fresh drinking water, the system is able to confront other areas of concern, including processing plant services in the mining industry, service water needs within hospitals or hotels, as emergency water relief for isolated and rural communities during periods of drought, natural disasters, and as a peace of mind backup system.

“What’s more is that a by-product of the system is thermal energy, which is a renewable resource that can be used to do all sorts of things from heating to cooling and dehumidification.” 

He said the the system can be run off grid power as well as alternative energy sources such as solar energy, wind power, gas, diesel, or any other renewable energy sources.

“There are so many reasons why we’re so excited to spread the word about the system, because it has so much to offer to humanity, industry and the environment alike,” he said.


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