Relief for some as thunderstorms sweep over western Queensland

Thunderstorms bring rain to parts of western Queensland

A rain gauge on a property in Charleville, after storms brought 14mm of rain to the area. Picture: Darryl Duff.

A rain gauge on a property in Charleville, after storms brought 14mm of rain to the area. Picture: Darryl Duff.


While some places won the weather lottery, other areas such as Longreach and Mt Isa missed out.


Some western Queensland producers are breathing a small sigh of relief after thunderstorms brought welcome rain on Wednesday afternoon. 

Shire of Quilpie Mayor Stuart Mackenzie said his property an hour west of Eromanga got about 28mm in the downpour. 

"There was 28mm on my property in the west of the shire, 28mm around Eromanga and I've heard different reports, but there was around 15 to 20mm around Quilpie. 

"It's probably the best general fall we've had on this property since October 2017."

Mr Mackenzie said it was helpful to get some rain with scorching summer temperatures around the corner.

"I think it's a great time of the year to get rain. The country responds very well," he said. 

"Anyone who had that rain over 20mm will probably get some response.

"It won't last a huge amount of time, but there'll certainly be some relief for a month or two."

Diamantina Shire Council Mayor Geoff Morton said there had been 22mm of rain at Roseberth, north east of Birdsville. 

“Providing it is wide spread it should be of good benefit,” he said.  

“This will take our annual rainfall for 2018 to 70mm against an average of 152mm. 2017 rainfall was 47mm”.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Lachlan Stoney said other areas such as Birdsville, Charleville and St George had about 20mm of rain, while Longreach and Mount Isa missed out.

However, there was a chance for more showers to develop later in the week as the weather system that swamped the Melbourne Cup moved across the country.

"Saturday there's the potential for some isolated showers and thunderstorms out west, so places like Roma, Injune and Charleville would be on the edge of that shower area," he said.

"We're expecting it to be a bit more significant further north, between Longreach and Emerald on Saturday afternoon and that's really the best chance in the next week or so that we're looking at."

Others from across the state took to social media to share news of rain arriving in their patch. 

Snow and Rachel Crozier from Hughenden's Cranellie Station had 11mm, their first fall of rain since March. 

Brian Southern from Breena Plains, St George, recorded 25mm, while Vicki Franklin from Wyoming, Charleville, had 14mm in her gauge on Thursday morning morning, following up on 25mm last week. 


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